Mass Effect Collectors Edition Art Book Detailed, Priced

Big fans of the Mass Effect series better get ready to pre-order because the Art of the Mass Effect Universe: Collectors Edition Art Book is now up for pre-sale over at

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gamingdroid2537d ago

Looks good, but $80! 0_o

That is one pricey book! As a hardcore fan that owns a bunch of other stuff, I'm not certain I'm willing to pay it... who am I kidding?

I will dwell on it for a few weeks.

fallacious2538d ago

So this is completely different from the one which comes with the Mass Effect 3 collector's edition?

SovereignSnaKe2537d ago

Oh, i think i definitely do want!!, but we have until February to think about it... :)

tigertron2537d ago

I'll be happy with the one I'm getting from the CE.

AntiProton2537d ago

Would not mind that book. Something i will have to think about though. If i convert that $80 into my currency, i could buy a new Collectors Edition of something for that price.

Rather put that money towards the diecast Normandy model or the new Liara figure.