Valve: Sony was 'great to work with' on cross-platform

Valve says that their approach to cross-platform play is a lot like Sony's. Portal writer Chet Faliszek says that they don't think 'platform,' and that they're glad that Sony thinks along the same lines.

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Jensen3251d ago

good for sony and valve... glad certain companys enjoy working together

DonaldBeck3251d ago

yea, a huge turnaround valve made, im glad they did, the cross platform play is nice.

lorianguy3250d ago

Great Stuff. Roll on cross platform Team Fortress 3!

birdykilla3250d ago

How about some L4D on PS3! Like this, L4D2 with L4D and all extra DLC for both games together on one disc. It would make my PS3 experience complete. Make it happen!

birdykilla3250d ago

No need for me to pay for Xbox live just so I can play L4D multiplayer. My PC is from 2004-05 so playing it on the PC wouldn't work. PS3 is the only way for me to play L4D multiplayer for free!

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