IGN - Nathan Drake Gets Owned in Uncharted 3

IGN - Our hero of Uncharted 3 has a tough job. Treasure hunting looks a lot more painful than you might think.

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fallacious2754d ago

What was the point of this video?

Eiffel2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Humor. The music wasn't any clue?

CynicalVision2754d ago

That was entertaining, poor Nathan..he is the most unlucky yet lucky guy in history.

despair2754d ago

some major spoilers in that vid, like ruining alot of the areas and scenes in the game, so if you haven't played it I advise not to watch.

was mildly entertaining watching him get his ass kicked though.

kma2k2754d ago

I loved UC3 great game, one of the great graphical achievements current gen, it was very difficult to tell the difference between cutscense & gameplay! Really great & really fun game!

Greyfoxdbz2754d ago

Has anyone noticed from Uncharted 2 onwards the amount of times Nathan Drake falls down or has a roof, floor collapse under him. I mean does Naughty Dog have their very own department full of people coming up with ways for Drake to lose balance or land on his ass. They really went all out in Uncharted 3, the department must have had a budget increase. Or maybe they have a generator that randomly allocates a time for Drake to fall over. Even Sully doesn't fall down as much and he is 20 years older.

popup2754d ago

Play uncharted 2 again and see how many 'leg up' moments there are! I lost count but appreciated the increased elevation :)

Greyfoxdbz2754d ago

hahahaa. So true. great games though