Is it game over for Virtual Console on Wii?

Nintendo Universe writes:

December 8th 2006 saw the launch of Nintendo's Virtual Console download service for the Nintendo Wii. Every week Nintendo promised to bring us gamers classic games from our past to our shiny new console.

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GunofthePatriots2535d ago

VC is the best feature about the Wii. Tons of classics from a bunch of consoles.

--Onilink--2535d ago

well its been kinda dead for a while, i guess we will just have to wait for the eventual re-launch on the Wii U. Still, the virtual console has provided some amazing (though overpriced as usual with nintendo) games from many consoles... One of the best aspects of the wii

meowthemouse2535d ago

if it dies its cause of nintendo's stupid decisions. I love nintendo games but I hate how the company operates.

americanGTA2535d ago

where is super mario world?! :-(

TheRichterBelmont2535d ago

More like where the hell is Earthbound...

mike1up2535d ago

Where the hell is the first Contra?