Censors APPROVE Call of Duty computer game featuring 7/7 Tube bomb-style attacks, despite protests

An ultra-violent computer game which features explosions and scenes of destruction on the London Tube and at the Houses of Parliament has been approved by censors.

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Dark_Overlord2755d ago

Typical dailymail crap

theres a reason people laugh at the mere mention of this papers name.

"The game will be released tomorrow and censors have been keen to point out the game is 'completely inappropriate' for children. "

You see that big 18 rating on the front? do you know what that means?

"Call Of Duty 3 shows soldiers running through the streets of London with machine guns while bombs explode and buildings tumble to the ground, the Independent reports."

3? WTF I'm sure 3 was released years ago, but in dailymail land you can spout any crap and it doesn't have to make sense for the mindless drones to follow.

"Supporters of those affected by the 7/7 suicide attacks in July 2005, which killed 52 people, had called for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 to be banned but the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) has settled for an 18 rating."

You know why? heres the BBFC's official statement

"The train, which contains no civilian passengers, crashes beneath Westminster Underground Station and the battle continues through the station up to street level. However, a full examination of the game makes clear that the storyline is far removed from these real events, neither drawing upon nor resembling real terrorist attacks on the Underground"

The dailymail is a complete embarassment to this country, an to the idiots who read it religiously, you're beyond help

pijinio2122754d ago

hahahaahhaa u sir are very funny and you are 100% correct.... hats of to you mate....

SyWolf2754d ago

This is ridiculous, whenever a World War 2 game gets released you don't hear holocaust survivors complaining. You know why not? Because that would be stupid because it's JUST A GAME.

Pintheshadows2754d ago

Ultra Violent. Haha silly Mail.