Modern Warfare 3 'London Scene' Isn't Controversial, It's Realistic

GameZone's Matt Liebl takes a look at what is being hailed as an extremely controversial scene in Modern Warfare 3, but looks at it from a more realistic point of view.

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rawrockkillz2542d ago

Doesn't mean that they should do it. Realistic doesn't always equal better.

farhad2k82541d ago

Youtubes live stream isn't working for me? Anyone else?

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theonlylolking2541d ago (Edited 2541d ago )

It adds to the story.It is showing how no one is safe from Makarov and his men. In star wars when skywalkers students needed help he came in the room and brought out his lightsaber. They did not show the kids getting killed but it is very obvious that is what he did.

You did not see the child getting killed but you know the child did get killed.

Like pctrollv4 said"go play barbie"

pctrollv42541d ago

then go play barbie if you cant handle terrorism. Another NO RUSSIAN level would make the game a lot better. It can be done in movies, why not in video games. Lets keep it controversial.

iamnsuperman2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

People need to chill out. Too be honest there is a small group of people get offended by this then every journalistic website jumps on it like wild fire. It really isn't that bad. I think the actually video is quite mild. The only bad part is a little child is killed but it isn't like we see her getting ripped to shreds. Game developers need to stop worrying about being PG for the public.

fluffydelusions2542d ago

Yeah, they have movies with way worse content.

lance422541d ago

Seriously, anyone that watched Walking Dead, they kill a zombie child in the first episode. If it happens in a movie it's just part of the story or done to provoke dialogue, but do it in a game and it's the worst thing ever.

It could've been sooooo much worse.

lifesanrpg2542d ago

the video game industry is one of the most scrutinized industries. A clear example, you can see a woman's breasts in film and no one makes a big deal. but if they were to show it in a game all hell would break loose

DemonStration2541d ago

Still don't know why this has been okay to spoil on every site

TheSanchezDavid2541d ago

Realism is so not what I want in my video games. Give me crazy stuff that doesn't make sense!

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The story is too old to be commented.