The Secret Monsters of Gaming: Good Guys Worse than the Bad Guys

PSUni writes: "[...] there are characters that go pretty far in projecting themselves as stand-up people, and if you take them at face value they certainly are. They’re only doing what any one of us would if we were in their shoes, after all. But then you get to thinking a little, and you see that, nope, they’re not so great after all.
These are those secret monsters."

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cyguration2590d ago

There is no bad guy in the history of gaming worse than the lead "good" guy in Saints Row. Your created character is the worse douchebag in the history of all things.

The only thing that douche didn't do was rape a giraffe with a unicorn's horn and then spray the unicorn with sewage.

SOD_Delta2589d ago

LOL thx for the laughs, and yea the SR main character is a douche, but I don't think he's a "Good Guy"

SOD_Delta2589d ago

I think Kratos is the biggest douche in gaming.