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GameDynamo - "Lord of the Rings: War In The North (LOTR:WITN), developed by Snowblind Studios, places you inside Middle-earth as a different fellowship whose mission is to fight evil forces which have gathered north of Mordor. "

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Maybe you should try playing the game and actually learn how to play it.

BattleTorn2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

I really like this game. But kinda like Dead Island (which I also loved) I understand where negative reviews are coming from.

This game could've been much bigger, longer, and better.

but once you get over the fact that your forced into 1 of 3 set characters, and online co-op can only support having 3players (and must be 1 of each 3 character)

The game is really awsome, tons of re-play value (the game is practically built for re-play actually)
Tons of inventory items to upgrade and loot.

I absolutely love games with inventory slots for Amulets, and Rings (with speciall attributes)

Since their stats vary with your level (and difficulty) you can pretty much endlessly search for better equipement.

(intially when you find out you can't have 2Rangers, 2Dwarfs, or a Male elf in any game mode, it's quite disappointing, but after you find that there are tons of Elfs/Dwarfs players too, it's not that bad.)
I found majority of players like the Male Ranger, so I picked Dwarf so I always have plenty of people to co-op with.