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GameZone's Robert Workman states "Had Namco Bandai wrapped the Dragon Ball Z franchise around a strong fighting engine, like the one used with the upcoming Street Fighter x Tekken, we’d really be getting somewhere. Alas, that just didn’t happen with Ultimate Tenkaichi, and, as a result, only a certain few fans will find it to their liking."

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DemonStration2751d ago

Wish they'd do something worthwhile with that graphics engine

TheSanchezDavid2751d ago

Aww, I didn't think this was that bad when I previewed the game not too long ago. I guess the final product was lacking.

athmaus2751d ago

yeah the graphics are crap!

GunofthePatriots2751d ago

Would be nice to get a good DBZ game.

BitbyDeath2751d ago

They could do so much with the DBZ franchise if they just opened up their imagination a little.

This gen just seems like a cash grab for DBZ games.
Not sure why everyone is still making old styled fighting games, they should be so much better by now...

Deadpool6162750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Couldn't agree more. =D

We're going to be playing Tenkaichi 3/Budokai 3 for a while longer, until a developer gets DBZ right this gen. :/

DarkBlood2750d ago

true if it were up to me id include all characters from ball to gt and a shitload of what if characters like

super sayian 3 gohan
super sayain bardock
super sayian 4 broly

portara fusions of hercule or dende that goku was imagining lol

and well theres too much bassically my point being is it would last a life time till next generation consoles

but noooooooooooo thats never gonna happen unless im super rich :P

Blackpool2750d ago (Edited 2750d ago )

Wow 4/10's and 5/10's is all i see form this game..... Maybe the devs will understand.

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