Mass Effect 3's Multiple Game Modes Could Be Groundbreaking

The revealing of different campaign modes for Mass Effect 3, including one entirely aimed at narrative-ignoring shooter fans, is just the latest controversy to hit the Bioware blockbuster. But could this approach actually be completely inspired – and ultimately influential?

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Solidus187-SCMilk2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I dont know about this, but I will have to wait and see.

Just read it and you choose RPG if you want story and action, LOL.

Its sad when developers try and cater to a group of gamers who will not try or even look at their game no matter how hard they try.

shodan742563d ago

It really does appear to be a case of 'go for RPG Mode if you actually like Mass Effect, and choose Action Mode if you'd never even have looked at the original', but I think it could work in theory. Kind of agree with your point that it's sad they feel they have to try to broaden the appeal, though. The series is already huge, but it's more money EA are after at the end of the day, right?

lzim2562d ago

How's that a problem?

Good shooters make money (just ask Activision) and proper RGPs cost money (just as Sony Entertainment).

Mass Effect on Xbox like Halo was a happy comprimise than has made money over the years. (I do cry myself to sleep every night though because Mass Effect is not a rich sandbox galaxy spanning RTS in an EVE like universe with better economics and political side quests, but it is a good-enough shooter game)

KentBlake2562d ago

I think it's a great idea, as long as they keep it as a choice. Choice is always good. This way, everybody can enjoy AND finish the game.

lzim2562d ago

and replay it over and over and get their money's worth....

Having said (the above) I wonder what a Mass Effect RTS would play like.. Homeworld comes to mind but you don't really get a sense of other individual units like the Spectres running around.. hmm.

Skywalker3332562d ago

Groundbreaking? Inspired? At 1992, Lucas Arts introduces the SAME thing in one of the greatest games of all time, Indiana Jones and The Fate of Atlantis.
Fists Path - where you had less puzzles and more fights.
Wits Path - more puzzles and story and less fights
Team Path - the true path.

not only they had this nearly 20 years ago but each path had nearly 70% diffent main story advancement from the other, creating 3 games into one.

I like the fact Bioware is doing the same, but lets not call it inspiring or groundbreaking.

lzim2562d ago

somehow that rant reminded me that Bioware should be revisiting Jade Empire.

Darkfiber2562d ago

Exactly. This has been done for decades in games, setting different difficulties for various aspects of the games such as combat and puzzles. The only difference here is that they are taking away the choice of what to say in conversations and having the game automatically select the "best choice" of dialog, which to me would defeat the whole purpose and make the game incredibly boring to sit through hours and hours of dialog without having any input in what the character says.