Many Western gamers don’t play Japanese games

A brief opinion piece on the lamentations of Japanese game developers and the decreasing relevance of their side of the games industry.

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zerocrossing2564d ago

"can you imagine what the Japanese equivalent of Call of Duty would be? Some kind of free for all anime mayhem with players running around on walls and gutting each other with giant swords with perks and leveling mechanics is what I picture."

^ This

Please make this Japan, it'd be awesome!

ronin4life2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

The Japanese equivalents are:
Monster hunter
Dragon quest
They already have COD equivalents, and they are all better designed games as well.

Furthermore, Alot of the "western advancements" in gaming have little to nothing to do with actual game design, and more to do with wringing out more and more cash from consumers.

Yi-Long2563d ago

... if they would just stop screwing up the western releases of those games where they're not including the option to play it in the original language, but instead just dump a horrible english dub on there!

There have been alot of Japanese games I refused to buy, simply cause it didn't have the original language.

Tigerfist2563d ago

"They already have COD equivalents"

I suppose you mean by popularity. I honestly can't recall a single Japanese FPS I've played. In fact I think they have only recently made one.

ronin4life2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I just realized Devils Third is kind of similar to the description in tha article you quoted.
It is being made by Itadaki, the creator of DOA.
@tiger why dose it have to be a fps? A good game is a good game.
Edit damn bubble limit.
@guy down there...huda whatever...
Mortal kombat has always been crap.
Ninja gaiden is better than GoW (the xbox original, not 2)
Demon souls is way better than oblivion. (Western design my ass)
I never liked batman or gta, and maybe that japan has no actual equivalent says something. Although I think way of the samurai is better than gta, and I enjoy samurai warriors too.

And then there are, you know, other games, like
Mario is objectively better than little big planet.
Monster hunter is objectively better than... oh, yeah... there isn't a western equivalent.
Pokemon is objectively better than... oh, yeah... there isn't a western equivalent, outside of WoW, which is crap compared to phantasy star online.
I personally think Japanese games are better, but the real truth is, both regions make good games, and have their own specialities/preferences. Get over the fact that your wrong.
And, no, a don't like final fantasy (which is how it is supposed to be spelled)

zerocrossing2563d ago

I haven't seen much of Devils Third other than the early pics and game type/description, I'll have to check out how its coming along.

TBM2563d ago

i know i play my fair share of japanese games.

jacksonmichael2564d ago

I play them almost exclusively. If only I were the majority, localization wouldn't be such a spotty practice.

zerocrossing2564d ago

Same here.

What I hate about all of this the most is that now many of the Japanese devs try to "Westernise" their games, but for me the fact that their games had that unique Japanese style was the reason I enjoyed them to begin with.

_Aarix_2563d ago

its just times like that im glad I have a xbox to play lost odyssey. Thats my 2nd favorite jrpg next to legend of dragoon and ff7. I havent really seen any jrpgs this gen that have what I loved in lost odyssey but alot of western rpgs are awesome as well such as mass effect but its always nice to have choicess.

Tommykrem2563d ago

"If only I were the majority"
I like your tone ;)

There is a notable difference in the way Japanese developers and Western studios deliver product. Western development seems more efficient, and are typically able to release more quality product than eastern studios. For instance, Several western franchises established this generation see annual or biennial instalments that manage to not only sell, but to please journalists and gamers alike. The best games from Japan are as fantastic as ever (at least not far from it), but there can be quite a wait between them.

ronin4life2563d ago

I agree with most of what you are saying,but the reason for the disparity isn't just a difference in efficiency, but also the fact that most western companies release the exact same game over and over (dragon age is the same as mass efect, just as fallout is the same as elder scrolls) and leave bugs in to patch out later.

Tommykrem2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I agree, and I only meant to say that they are more efficient in terms of pushing out quality product that sells well. It's not that Japanese studios work slower, something I don't think they do, it's more about western studios giving themselves less work by delivering several similar games with similar technology.

Tommykrem2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Hmpf... Double post, sorry.

zerocrossing2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

double post.

Focus2564d ago

Their time came and it went, let other people and genres shine this gen. Also lots of Japanese gamers don't play western games so. . .

ShaunCameron2563d ago

True. Even the PS3 exclusives don't sell too well over there unless it's a JRPG.

dc12563d ago

Thats Fuzzy Brows! The baddest non ninjutsu ninja around!

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