Mortar Spammers Are The New Wookies In Battlefield 3

In Bad Company 2 it was the horrendous number of snipers (Wookies) that plagued the online multiplayer. In Battlefield 3, those same players spam Mortars.

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fluffydelusions2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

I was just experiencing this last night as well on BF3. Some guy just kept back on a rooftop launching mortars. Got annoying and I just left the game. I hope this doesn't become a new trend and the snipers in this game are getting to be just as annoying as BC2 now.

Crystallis2540d ago

whats annoying me is the LMG support spammers. I played a match where almost all of them were using LMG. I think Dice needs to make people who use LMG's run and move slower then normal soldiers. I picked up a LMG and I ran just as fast as someone with a sub machine gun.

DBLDeathDealer2540d ago

You would think this is common sense to slow a soldier down with a bigger weapon. They are meant to be fire support weapons not for CQB.

Lavitz20122540d ago

Just use the MAV in the recon class and mark them for your team to shoot them down.

xxxAnubisxxx2540d ago

Tough to shoot them down when they are tucked back in their own spawn.

GroundsKeeperJimbo2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

Even easier to have a support drop a mortar back on their head, even if they're back in the spawn.

Teamwork my friends.

Trunkz Jr2540d ago

Mortars are worse then snipers, they get INF ammo and can take out INF and vehicles at long distance.

Nate-Dog2540d ago

Yeah I didn't know this until I experienced it the other day for the first time, I mean so many snipers are campers who want to avoid all one-on-one contact as it is, so um hey here's an idea, let's give them mortars with infinite ammo! wut

CrimsonEngage2539d ago

Return fire with mortars of your own. Enemy mortars show up on the minimap like sore thumbs.

The mortars are fine in the game. If people don't know how to counter them then they shouldn't be playing the game until they learn to use team work and get some skill.

EliteAssass1n2539d ago

I just mortar them back since they light up my mini-map like a christmas tree. Pretty easy to deal with them IMO.

hakeem09962539d ago

Is there anything you guys won't bitch about ? Mortars don't one hit kill ,plus the map is fucking huge so move out of the way ,flank them ,spot them .there is so many ways to take care of unwanted obstacle .
Seriously that's the most balance game i've played in years .
Stop being lazy or just leave .
MW3 comes out tomorrow ,go bitch at them !!!

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DBLDeathDealer2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

It is a new trend, no doubt about it. The more mortars that are unlocked the more players will be using them. I see a patch coming limiting it's use.

xxxAnubisxxx2540d ago

Another patch from EA... We will be waiting a month or so

brown0092540d ago

Sounds like something was not thought all the way through. Hopefully MW3 doesn't miss something like that. Cause it's the best first person shooter of all time.

SJPFTW2539d ago

like how they missed OMA noobtube spam?

JLesinski2540d ago

Completely agree with you. Nothing is more satisfying than running around the end of the map and getting a mortar spammers tags, like wookies in BC2

Hufandpuf2539d ago

But it takes to much fun out of the game searching for spammers rather than playing the game how it was meant to be played.

kanetheking2539d ago

and how is the game meant to be played online is meant to change every time you play it or it will get stagnated so the mortars Bering new Challenge's you kill them and move on

Spitfire_Riggz2539d ago

Same with the snipers, theres no problem. I always make sure to get those prone noobs' tags to make them pay.

Emilio_Estevez2540d ago (Edited 2540d ago )

Idk about this, I have not had a problem with mortars at all. I don't think I've even seen 2 in 1 game. Yeah it sucks getting mortared, but I've only been killed by them maybe 3 times. I'm at rank 16 right now. I was hyped to get the mortar, only to find out it's not even that great. You need multiple hits to take down a vehicle and you have to get a direct hit to even kill a person. And as soon as you drop one close, the vehicle/person always takes off. Also, you get placed on the map as soon as you set it down. It should stay as is.

xxxAnubisxxx2540d ago

The problem isn't 1 or 2 guys doing it... It's when 4,5, or 6 are doing it. Like that article said, it's only going to get worse once more people unlock it. If they're so worthless and underpowered, why are they even in the game? Mortars are lame... Might as well be nOOb tubes from MW2.

SJPFTW2539d ago

learn how to play. if there are 6 of them then you have an easier time defending/ attacking. just saying

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