Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - I have never exclaimed, laughed, talked to a game so much as I have while playing this latest Uncharted. I feel a sense of accomplishment having completed it. It's satisfying to stand back in this world and see what you, through Drake, have accomplished. And there are plenty of places to do that. Wandering through the wind-blown dunes of the Rub' al Khali, I stopped to look up at the glimmering city of stars that stretch out in every direction. In Yemen, walking to my next discovery, I fell behind my friends while marveling at the village and its people: Splashes of color under a dazzling blue sky. These quiet moments, chances to discover not treasure, nor challenges, but natural wonder, are as much a reason to love Uncharted 3 as any spectacle of gunplay or explosion, lost city or plane crash.

It's equally satisfying, having finished the game, to spend some time remembering it. Uncharted paints so vivid an adventure, and peoples it with a cast you so come to care for, that it's hard to shake loose from those memories. That's the sign of a game well made and well played.

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NeoBasch2755d ago

Nails it. One of Uncharted's greatest strengths is its setting. Each new place they take us is nothing short of a marvel. Stopping to admire the beautifully rendered landscapes takes up at least an hour or two of each of my playthroughs.

sjaakiejj2755d ago

I don't quite understand some of the commenters on Kotaku. They are complaining about Marlowe in Uncharted 3, saying that she's under-developed and that the story doesn't give you a real reason as to why she's supposedly evil.

But that's part of the point of it. This game is about why Drake does what he does, why he doesn't go out of his way for even people that are clearly dangerous, regardless of their motives. On top of that, her motives aren't clear to Drake and Sullivan throughout the story either, until much closer to the end, where they very clearly state why she's doing all of this.

I loved the story, and I liked that instead of a focus on the Villain, like Uncharted 2 had, it focussed on Drake and Sully instead.