PS3 Review: Sonic Generations ( "The recent upward swing in quality of the Sonic games has been something of a minor miracle for fans of the series. After being cemented as a gaming icon who figured prominently in many a childhood, the sneaker-wearing hedgehog spent years of languishing in atrocious attempts to drag him into the 3D gaming era, the former fast-paced joy of the Sonic titles being smothered amidst a cacophony of unbearable sidekicks, baffling story ideas and clumsy gameplay mechanics. SEGA have since apparently taken a long, hard introspective look at what once made the series so great and slowly started working towards giving long-suffering fans something that lives up to their lofty expectations for a new Sonic game. That game has at long last arrived, with Sonic Generations finally managing to merge the old-school platforming fun of the SEGA mascot with the 3D white-knuckle rollercoaster glee that later Sonic games have strived to deliver."

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