Uncharted 3 Sells More Than 1m Copies in First Week

Naughty Dog's hotly anticipated new title Uncharted 3 has broken records for the franchise

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fluffydelusions2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

1.1m first week. Very nice. Congrats ND. Didn't God of War 3 sell around that as well?

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Final_Rpg2756d ago

sorry to hijack but I need to ask a question. In uncharted 3 is it possible to change the sides you shoot from like in the second game when you click the sticks it swaps the side you're firing from. Why the hell did they take that feature out??

also, why are the coop graphics so bad compared to the second game? I don't comprehend this at all, so disappointing in that regard. The single player is still amazing though, except for the whole not being able to switch sides and the aiming problem.

frelyler2756d ago

I noticed that too. I think they did it so you can't peek around the corner and fire without getting hit yourself anymore. It was a way to cheat the AI in the other games, also helped give an edge in MP.

Tarantino_Life2756d ago

Its disabled by default. You can change it in the options menu. Its there in the game.

CynicalVision2756d ago

Aiming problem? I've just completed the game and I haven't noticed any aiming problems.

narcalus2756d ago

It's there, check out the option menu. I think it is disabled by default.

supremacy2756d ago

I dont know, but I think it may have something to do with the new sprinting feature. Since you zoom with the other i believe; but like you I miss that feature as well.

I also agreed with the graphical downgrade.

This all has to with both the implementationof 3D and all the other features now included in the mp. Hey you have to sacraficce somethings in order to gain others.

christian hour2756d ago

As the others said, its still there, its just disabled for some bizarre reason. I was freaking out for 2 seconds but then I just checked the options. Can't understand why other people didn't just go there first thing either haha. But yeah weird thing to disable,

Peenutt2756d ago

you can change it in the options menu. i had the same grip at first until i looked in the menu setting.

armorki2756d ago

its not out , you can change the side, first you need to enable it from game option :)

hadouken0072756d ago

Yeah u have to enable it in the options.

hardcorehippiez2756d ago

you can switch shoulders , its in the options , the default from off to on.

VonBraunschweigg2756d ago

I think he knows it by now:) Options man, always go for options first. Flip your axes, click a few Hold boxes, go southpaw if you have to, but never ever start a game without checking your options first.

Jazz41082756d ago

I'm happy to say I'm one of those 1 million.

Raoh2756d ago

Yes you can shoulder swap

ThdeGreatestOne2756d ago

Is it possible to buy and equip guns for the single player like in the last game?

Kingscorpion19812756d ago

That feature is not taking out. Go to options to change it.

DlocDaBudSmoka2756d ago

yea, its in the option menus, then when you are aiming. you click in L3 and he switches shoulders. i had the same problem until i scoured the menus.

cb4g2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Good question. It's one of my favourite game mechanics and I was wondering why it wouldn't work but thanks for tip guys.

linko18-19902755d ago

yeah u can, just go to the setting and u should see something for it to work, its disabled by default for some dumb reason.

Final_Rpg2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

hey everyone thanks for the replies. Really happy about that the southpaw option is in the game, honestly one of my most used techniques. Can't wait to do my run on crushing.

Still not pleased that the coop graphics are so much worse than uncharted 2's coop, but hey, what can you do. At least the single player is gorgeous.
Yeah there is a definite aiming problem, but a patch is coming out for it so it' smore like uncharted 2. It's only in single player. Try moving the right stick in a circle, it makes a box. There's a couple of videos on youtube about it too. It's not unusable, but it's noticeably worse than the 2nd, so that's a little disappointing. Hopefully they get it sorted out soon!

Thanks once again.

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BlmThug2756d ago

1.1M is massive. Whichever fool says flop is just that, a Fool and not just any fool, a Fool of a Took

SDF Repellent2756d ago

I think you are the only one using the flop in this post thus far. Already in defense mode heh. LOL

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Drekken2756d ago

xPhearR3dx, Gears was the only worthwhile shooter exclusive for the 360 all year long. The PS3 has so many games with its exclusives and multiplatform games that gamers have to choose which games to get first.

Uncharted 3 will break Uncharted 2's sales... no doubt.

ksense2756d ago

we can always count on xphear to put the ms spin on it. i would have loved to see gears release this week next to battlefield cod skyrim assassins and do that 3 million that it sold... i would take a better rated exclusive and one that is actually counted for goty than a game that sells big and has a shitty single player campaign.

SDF Repellent2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

@Drekken ,

What other exclusives that PS3 owners are buying instead of Uncharted 3? Resistance 3 and Ratchet? You got to be kidding me.

Ksense, give it up buddy, Gears of War 3 would sell no matter if it is release on the same day as any of the games you had listed. Resistance 3 was released way back when there were no competition anywhere within a mile away, and it didn't do jack. So what is your excuse for that game? Madden?

dead_eye2756d ago

Yeah Drekken what's your point. Don't be bringing facts in to this about the amount of PS3 exclusives that have been released this year. xPhearR3dx has spoke and he says only two were good and his opinion means more than the Facts.

sjaakiejj2756d ago


"Gears of War 3 would sell no matter if it is release on the same day as any of the games you had listed."

He never said it wouldn't. He said that the Playstation had a much larger variety of games to choose from this year, so Playstation gamers would have to spread their money much more than Xbox gamers, for who the only major games releasing this year were either Multiplatform, or Gears of War 3. Compare that to Playstation's offering of Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One, Killzone 3, LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2 and Motorstorm Apocalypse.

Note: I'm not saying that this assumption is fact, I'm simply elaborating what Drekken was saying and you misinterpreted.

xPhearR3dx2756d ago


While you're correct, how many of those games actually sold a decent amount of copies in their first week? Hardly any.

Resisatance 3 sold 180,000 in the US in a MONTH.
inFamous 2 sold 320,000 in the first week
LBP2 sold less than the first game despite being a fantastic sequel
Killzone 3 sold 500,000 in the first week

If PS3 gamers have such a mass amount of exclusives, why are they not buying them?

Gears is just one of those games like Halo or COD that sell millions regardless when they are being released.

Dee_912756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

"If ps3 gamers have such a massive amount of exclusives, why arent they buying them ?"

how are you gonna disagree with drekken and ask that question ?
People on N4G never cease to amaze me

Gears 3 sold because of better marketing plain and simple .
Uncharted 3 got more adverts than alot of other ps3 games but thats not saying much.

ONLY a retard would say 1.1 mill in a week isnt good
Only a retard would say 1.1 mill in a week isnt good because another game sold more in a week

or a fanboy

aquamala2756d ago

Ps3 owners are saving money for mw3, bf3, skyrim and arkham city, looks like they are all going to outsell uncharted 3, and that's just on ps3

buddymagoo2756d ago

It's ok when Forza 4 sells 500,000 in one week but not ok for Uncharted 3 to sell 1.1 million. Forza had a bigger marketing budget and a larger market.

You boys and your twisted logic.

SWORDF1SH2756d ago

Sony have different tactics to MS. MS market heavey and sell more week one while sony market less and have smaller week ones but sell steadier over the years to sell quite a bit. People act like games dont sell on PS3 but thats far from the truth.

Ms rely on the pop culture to sell so their titles must create a buzz to thrive off the pop culture by market heavy (at a cost) while sony prefer to market less (cheaper) so titles will have to sell less copies to make a profit.

Game sales
14 ps3 games over 2M
17 x360 exclusive games over 2M
small differance considering 360 out a year earlier and probably spent billions more than sony over all on marketing games

XDF2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

Stop pulling numbers out of your a__. The marketing for Forza 4 is not even close to Uncharted 3. Sony Computer Entertainment UK is spending £5 million ($7.82m) on its marketing push for Uncharted 3, a figure that is biggest software launch ever in the UK for Sony.

No body except a few xbox fanboys, as expected said this game bombed. Everyone on this thread is happy for the great sale of Uncharted 3. Compared to the amount of trolls on the sale thread for forza 4, this looks like peanut; especially from the amount of GT5 fanboys.

2756d ago
Dee_912756d ago

yea whooo look at alll them gt5 fanboys in there/s

I counted gt5 only what 6 times out of 100+ comments lol
But your right forza didnt have much marketing.

XDF2756d ago

What kind of stupid logic is that? Do you freaking really think a PS3 owner saving $60 on Uncharted 3 launch day will decide to get Killzone 2 instead.

If a third party shooter like Dead island managed to outsell one of your main first party shooter like Resistance 3, I know exactly where the PS3 owners are spending their money.

buddymagoo2756d ago

I guess you boys are not in the UK because Forza 4 is advertised over here on nearly every channel in about 1 in 3 ad breaks.

Uncharted 3 on the other hand I have yet to see an advert for. Forza even had it's own London motor show!

gotgame19852756d ago

how is 1.1 million massive when this was the biggest exclusive sony had this year, its good not massive. you sony fans always hype up games but you never buy them, gears had over 3 mill first week now that's massive. and don't start that bs about there are no games on 360, bottom line games sale better on 360 look at battlefeild 3 this game was promoted as ps3 game in look at the sales. this is proof that ps3 fans only hype games and never buy them.

MostJadedGamer2756d ago

Its not massive compared to the 5+ million Battlefiled 3 sold, and the 10+ million MW3 will be sell.

Muffins12232756d ago

compared to the battlefield 3 and gears of war 3 this is nothing...i dont see why people are doubting uncharted sales,i acully thought it would of sold more :c

TUGA2755d ago

LMAO you guys can say that PS3 owners dont buy exclusives but to be honest i dont really care what people around the world buy to play on their PS3. Im just glad that Sony offers me variety and their strategy seems to be working.

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StraightPath2756d ago

Nice growth in sales for the francise, but expect a game like call of duty to do like 5 times that in one day :D

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aquamala2756d ago

Mw3 has 1 million+ just in preorders on ps3

Silly gameAr2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

You guys are sad. You whine about PS3 owners not buying games, (which is bull) then when it's right in your face, you start bringing up games, multiplat at that, with huge marketing budgets and run to pre-orders. It's freaking COD. It will out sale everything this year, even the games with the mega sales that you like to talk about, that don't even chart anymore.

I don't know what got you guys so twisted around that you feel like you have to do this, but it just looks sad.

CoryHG2756d ago

$1 million preorders on ps3? Those are some confused questionable people.

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E2M2756d ago

thats great but being probably the playstations best titles it deserves way more, I really hope more people buy it and if you haven't I don't know why you even own a playstation

andibandit2755d ago

People arent buying this game for the multiplayer experience, like so many PS3 exclusives, so theres obviously no rush. Uncharted 3 will problably see a steady flow of sales all the way to the bargain bin.

Thatguy-3102756d ago

It's funny how now vgchartz become a credible source for sale figures lol but like some ppl have mention who cares about the sale though this installment isn't my favorite I'm glad people are now recognising the franchise :) Cudos to naughty dog and Sony. Can't wait for the next adventure.

andibandit2755d ago

Actually, if you want to see more from ND you should care about sales, cause that is ND's bread and butter.

zeddy2756d ago

i was one of those 1 million.

gta28002756d ago

I was a day 1 copy. Picked it up at Walmart the morning it came out...haven't put the game down since!

Laxman2756d ago

Actually Gears did 3 Million in first week.

DatNJDom812756d ago

Congrats ND. Got my copy as well as the DLC on the PSN store

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news4geeks2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

good sales, realistically it will hit over 5m lifetime like Uncharted 2 did.

kikizoo2756d ago

better, because more ps3 sold since uncharted 2 ;)

[email protected] and all xfanboyz in denial, or spin mood.


I would say it's more accurate that around 6.5 million plus sales. That would reflect the 30% increase. The Uncharted franchise is becoming the biggest thing since GT and when it breaks 6.5 it will officially become the biggest exclusive for Sony.

MostJadedGamer2755d ago

Its not going to do anything even close to 6.5 million. It won't do much more then 5 million.

Spenok2756d ago

I imagine it will be more in the long run. As Kikizoo says more PS3's have been sold since. Not only that but the franchise has grown on people.

mooper502755d ago

i would say that 5 million is quite close to 6.5 million

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Dno2756d ago

Great sales.. It deserves to sell so much more.

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