Capcom, are the bully or the bullied? Part 1

Mike Jones from 8bitfix writes: It was half released, its unfinised, it's a beta test.....these are all things that may or may not come to mind when we think of when we hear the name of Capcom when they release a title.

It's no surprise that Capcom is the "master of milking" their customer fanbase by releasing a title, only to release an update of a game a year later, or even under a year later, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is a great example of this. But I’ve noticed something recently, why do people always talk about how "it should have been in the game" or "it was just an unfinished product"?

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Ddouble2752d ago

They brought it on themselves. They milked so much that anytime they're trying to be genuine peolpe would look at their past history and instantly rage.

Street Fighter AE brought 4 new characters and you could upgrade via dlc or purchase a new disk. Even with the option of DLC people are still complaining. They could have gone the MK route and release one character per month for 5 dollars each but they get hated on for bundling them altogether for a cheaper price.

There are legit reasons to hate on Capcom but people shouldn't instantly hate everything they do just because their Capcom.

Nerdmaster2752d ago

The biggest problem isn't the existence of the Arcade Edition, but the first Super version. Why couldn't they release it as a DLC for the first one? The same thing for Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom. Why not release it as a DLC? MvsC3 has support for DLC characters, why not at least sell the new Ultimate characters as DLC for the people who have the first version? Shouldn't the first adopters, you know, the guys who love(d) the company, be treated with more respect?

The biggest problem with Capcom is that they don't stop releasing new versions of their games that are almost the same. Resident Evil Code Veronica X, Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition, Street Fighter IV, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Monster Hunter... The last gen games couldn't be upgraded by DLC, but what's the excuse for this gen's games? At least the extra content of Resident Evil 5 Gold could be bought as DLC (not on PC, though, which unfortunately was the version I had).

Ddouble2752d ago

Yea that's what i'm saying. They brought out super and people complained. They brought out AE which had a DLC option and people still complained.

So how can they win? They can't because as i and you've said they've milked many games before just like the ones you listed so people just rage whatever they do and they are partly to blame.

If they limited making new versions to just their fighting games then it can be understandable.

New versions such as Super or Ultimate rejuvenate the scene. The amount of people who i've heard saying they will be jumping back into marvel because of the tweaks in UMvC3 is quite a lot.

They can't advertise a series of patches and fixes but saying here's Super or Ultimate, people see new characters and balanced gameplay and get back into the game and it attracts new players. Also all your dlc is one disk which is great for tournament organisers.

I agree with your last paragraph, they should limit the amount of versions they make for their games and for their fighting games, they should always have a DLC pack option along with the disk. That way everyone is happy.

zero_cool2752d ago

They were the bully & now their getting taste of their own medicine serves them right i don't feel sorry for them!

P.S..You wonder why most of capcom's veteran talent left the company lolz!

Cheers Gamers & Happy Gaming!

contra1572752d ago

Capcom is not the same company that I grew up with. Bully's , look What they did with mvc3 they could have just sent out dlc to upgrade the game which PC's have been doing with expansion packs for yrs now console games have that ability with dlc so why would they release another version that's basically no different. Ssf4 is garbage and avoids it's tradition just like resident evil (biohazrd)