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A portion of Rewind Replay's article: "Not to sound like an old man, but kids these days more than likely have never touched a RPG, much less played a Legend of Zelda game, but if you ask them what prestige they are at in Call of Duty they will proudly say their rank."

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fluffydelusions2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Just reading the preview paragraph I was waiting for the guy to say get off my lawn. Honestly don't get why people care so much what other people play. If they enjoy it what's the problem? Casual...hardcore...who cares?

Septic2754d ago

Well said.

He also credits COD for bringing gaming to the masses but highlights the obvious that it isn't a 'hardcore' game in the traditional sense of the word.

There will always be 'hardcore' games for those who want to play them so I don't see why COD is a problem in that respect. However, when it comes to those that like the franchise but are extremely weary of the direction it is heading in (like myself), then that is a more legitimate concern.

Yi-Long2754d ago

... by calling it 'mainstream' instead of 'hardcore'.

He isn't.

Fishy Fingers2754d ago

Hardcore, casual, in my eyes it all relates to how you are as a gamer, rather than the games themselves.

50+ hours of Smash Bros a week is hardcore.
1-2 hours of COD, casual.

You define your demographic, not the games. IMO anyway.

mandf2754d ago

Finally someone gets it.

ignorantsonsof_2753d ago

My friends used to come over every day and wake me up yelling SMASH, TIME FOR SMASH!

You make a good point.

TopDudeMan2754d ago

No, it's all about time spent. If you have 11 days of playtime in call of duty you are hardcore.

I play call of duty all year but play whatever other game I fancy at the time. To me, call of duty is something I play solidly for a few weeks then go back to when there aren't many other games to play.

GarandShooter2754d ago

In the article the author states: "Although there are a strong following of hardcore call of duty players, most of the people online are the busy working fathers or people who don’t spend much time playing videogames."

Could the author please provide the results of the demographic study that supports this assertion?

ZILLA2754d ago

that pic is about 90% of the CoD online.hey kids come on over to BATTLEFIELD 3 and get your skulls crushed!!

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The story is too old to be commented.