MW3: Schofield “p**sed off” that people got game early, but stats reset “crazy”

Glen Schofield "hates" the fact that some people got their hands on Modern Warfare 3 early, but is resistant to the idea that multiplayer stats should be reset on Tuesday even if some players are up to 3rd Prestige already.

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fluffydelusions2565d ago

I don't get why they care so much if they are legit pre-orders. Piracy I understand getting upset over but getting a few days early meh.

Fishy Fingers2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

It's usually all the spoilers and footage that gets uploaded thanks to the early copies that they dont like.

iamnsuperman2565d ago

I agree. They do not want people uploading footage before the release. Spoilers are a pain for any game.

kingdavid2565d ago

Well Id say probably 80 % of people buy COD for the multiplayer anyway..

Captain Qwark 92565d ago

its really not that big of a deal, the only people watching spoilers are the ones that dont care about spoiling it.

if im looking forward to a game im not going to go out and start watching videos and ruin it for myself, that wouldnt make sense.

Commander_TK2565d ago

Reset them like Elpresador said.

KaBaW2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Not quite. People can ruin things, subtly, without you even looking for it.
Some ass could just say something like "John Marston dies!!!" Well.. damn.
Those three words would have just ruined the end of Red Dead Redemption.
And, you would have read that before you realized what it said, beforehand.

Grip2564d ago

I think u Ruined RDR ending to some ppl.

jadenkorri2564d ago

If you haven't finished RDR by now, spoiling is not anyone's problem. Saying something like that 1 day after a launch, yeah spoiling it for other people...

KaBaW2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

lol, the game has been out, what .. 2 years? That is not my problem.
If they managed to avoid RDR's story this long, they can with my comment.

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CBaoth2565d ago

He wants to acquiesce to gamers who had to wait till Tuesday but the guilt lies exclusively with Activision.

It was they who leaked the game early to dissuade people from potentially buying BF3. Activision knew positive word of mouth from real gamers is far more convincing than professional reviews.

Like I said last week, the game came straight from Activision's warehouse to stores with activated SKUs. In layman's terms, the UPC symbol when scanned by a remote mobile unit (RMU) displayed $59.99 rather than "Do Not Sell Until 11/8/11". Both store manager and district manager were notified and we were told to sell it.

I agree the stats SHOULD be reset Monday at 5pm EST so people who got early access won't gain an advantage. But who does that fall on again, surely not Xbox Live or PSN. They have no control over Activision's own servers. "Buh, buh, but Activision has over 6 thousand employees so who do I contact?"

Seems like he's trying not to bite the hand that feeds him.

edgeofblade2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Link for UPC/district manager/etc conspiracy? I want to know you didn't make that up.

Wow... PMed me just to call me a moron for questioning a conspiracy theory. What an asshole.

JellyJelly2565d ago

"but is resistant to the idea that multiplayer stats should be reset on Tuesday"

They probably don't have the tools to do it.

Fishy Fingers2565d ago

LOL what? They dont have the "tools" to reset their own leaderboards/stats? LOL...

Septic2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

You laugh but I still remember the MW2 leaderboards being a complete shambles for months on end. If they did have the tools, why not use them before they got all rusty?

raWfodog2565d ago

Doesn't matter to me as I am not getting this game Day 1. I'll probably wait until xmas anyway. But even if I was getting it Day 1, it still wouldn't matter to me. I don't put stock in meaningless gamerstats.

Kran2565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Geting sick of this shiz now.



OH CRY ME A F**KING RIVER. It's a bloody game, not a file that will change the world. All this reprocaution over 1 silly overpriced game. Literally! Any other game is around £30-£40 in the UK. Activision had to go up to £45!


Not mad. I'm just plain sick of Activision thinking they're better than any other developer. If I got Skyrim a week early, Bethesda wouldnt even give a damn. Nor would Ubisoft with Assassins Creed and so on, so why is Activision so special?

Ness-Psi2565d ago


yeah cod is way overpriced, even second hand they retail for £30 - 40 and that's a few years after release.

they make this game for everyone then moan when people (who have legitimately paid for it) get it early. so what if some one puts up video of the game, you dont have to watch it (and yeah that is a shitty thing to do).
just because COD sells loads doesn't give them carte Blanche over the gaming demographic.

Tsuru2564d ago

@ Kran for Skyrim, Todd Howard was pissed cause people were playing the game and putting footage online before release date.

Kran2564d ago

That's understandable when the footage goes online. As far as getting an early copy and keeping it to yourself, then that would be fine to them.

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frankiebeans2565d ago

didnt they reset the stat in the last mw? i hope they do its technically cheating when you are not even supposed to be playing yet. so i guess them having full control over the leader boards that i read on here is not going to do any good for us legit people.

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