[Review] Treadmill Combat: Serious Sam The Random Encounter (DIYGamer)

DIYGamer: "Vlambeer is building their name upon solid gameplay. Title after title they continue to come up with addictive mechanics that players can dive into again and again without things getting repetitive. It’s kind of their thing. So it was exciting to hear that, along with other notable devs Mommy’s Best Games and Be-Rad Entertainment, the developer would be taking part in a Serious Sam 3 indie games promo. Thus getting a chance to weave their magic into an already enjoyable franchise by creating Serious Sam: The Random Encounter.

Now their effort is out on Steam ($5) for everyone to purchase and play. So how is it? A variety of feelings come to mind after playing through, and (like the game’s familiar enemies) the whole lot happen to slam into me simultaneously."

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