MW3 interview: how Dead Space made Call of Duty better

OXM UK: "Will Modern Warfare 3 deliver a campaign worth mentioning in the same breath as killstreaks, Care Packages and attack dogs? Believe it or not, there's a reasonable chance it will. Sledgehammer Games - founded by veterans of the Dead Space series - is one of the hands at the wheel, and if there's one thing Sledgehammer knows, it's how to entertain offline."

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Hazmat132754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

too many games are about online. offline spec ops is awesome and a movie blockbuster singleplayer will make me forget about multiplayer!

Edit holy shit say one bad thing about MW3 online i get hit with disagrees in all honesty multiplayer will be awesome but its not my cup of tea sorry for saying my point of view.

gamingdroid2754d ago

Multiplayer should be pretty good too.

I think IW/Sledgehammer is bringing the the entire package, single player, co-op and multiplayer will all be good.

Now, when are we going to get the reviews to confirm?

TheFirstClassic2754d ago

Spec ops is the only thing I'm interested in for MW3. I may rent it when some friends come over.

tigertron2754d ago

Shame it won't be as good as Dead Space.

gamingdroid2754d ago

Only one more day and the game will be at my door. Hopefully, the delivery service stops at my place first!

SnakeCQC2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

cant wait for an article named how battlefield 3 made modern warfare 4 better lol
*que fanboys*
ps ive always bought both and in the past i have always prefered call of duty i just think this time round battlefield 3 will be hard to top