5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Rules & Tops Battlefield 3

a basic run down of 5 reasons call of duty modern warfare 3 tops the past call of duty games and reasons what Battlefield 3 is completing with. There are a lot of changes new improvements and brand new features for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 so we give a basic run down of the top 5 biggest reasons why cod mw3 multiplayer will rule.

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Wizziokid2537d ago

coming from a pro-modern warfare blog is this really a surprise?

Septic2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Lol exactly. Also, aren't the first two points essentially the same?

Whilst I'll buy COD MW3 if it turns out to be enjoyabale, its easier to compile a list in favour of BF3 over COD:

* Dedicated servers- no absolutely shoddy P2P networks where the host can go to dashboard ending the game for everyone. Really? Its pretty pathetic in this day and age.

* Scale of maps- MW3 might have more maps but they are static and do not have the scale nor the dynamic nature that BF3 has.

* Battlelog- the equivalent of COD's Elite service except that its FREE

* Vehicles- self-explanatory= the vehicles are brilliant in this and change the pace of the gameplay tremendously

* Genuine team/skill based game- no squeaky little kids thinking they are good because they can exploit the auto-aim function of a sniper to do 360 degree quick scopes.

Lets be honest- when it comes to the deeper more involving experience, its BF3 all the way. With the investment DICE made with Frostbite 2, genuinely pushing consoles to breaking point and making strides in this generation regarding tech, scope and gameplay, objectively speaking, BF3 is clearly head and shoulders above MW3.

However, MW3 will most likely offer a very streamlined (I hope) experience of a formula that has proven to be extremely popular. MW3 doesn't top BF3 at all simply because its the same game with added bells and whistles. It could have been done in an expansion pack but regardless, it a fun and enjoyable formula where you can just jump in and have fun.

Maybe then, its silly to compare the two. Whilst both being military shooters, one demands a more cerebral input, whilst the other is the Rambo equivalent- shoot first, think later...if you want to.

All imo of course.

fluffydelusions2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

The are actually some differences between elite and battlelog. The major one and reason I may get elite is because you get all the map packs free with it and it actually is a bit cheaper going that route. There are other differences as well but you could just go to the website to see those. Regardless I'll be playing/enjoying both games...I'll just let the fanboys fight it out :)

Janitor2537d ago

"* Battlelog- the equivalent of COD's Elite service except that its FREE"

Uh, you do realize Elite is free right? The premium is the one that costs money, but it's basically a preemptive map pack bundle.

Games4M - Rob2537d ago

How can you state that you are getting the map packs for free with Elite when you are paying £35 for elite ?


They are selling you map packs up front in one lump sum and idiots everywhere are thinking that this is some kind of bargain because they are getting "free" map packs. Talk about being a sucker for marketing.

fluffydelusions2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

@Games4M - Rob I should have worded it better sorry. I know you are paying for it but it's still cheaper to go with elite if you are planning on getting the maps is what I meant. There are also other features of elite.

dead_eye2537d ago

cod elite is also subscription based and only lasts 365 days. Wow the free maps sound so appealing now.

grahf2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

@Games4M - Rob
You're kidding right? Actually you have all got to be joking... People who think they are paying $50 (or $40 with Hardened) for a service for a year and get FREE map packs is thinking about it ass-backwards. You pay $40/$50 ito get all the maps (early) instead of $60 for all the maps separately, and you get a few extra bells and whistles on Elite FOR FREE.

Games4M - Rob2537d ago

No I am not kidding and what you have written agrees with what i said - you are paying for the map packs.

GraveLord2537d ago

Uh COD Elite is also free. You can even access it through your console in-game. Here's a link describing whats free and whats not

Huge maps is a double-edged sword. Sure it allows for 64 players(on PC) but it also encourages camping. Also if you don't get into a vehicle, good luck running all the way to where the action is.(be careful not to get killed by campers!)

Genuine team/skill based gameplay? LOL. Have you played BF3 on consoles? There's no more teamwork in there than in MW2/black ops. Skill based? So are all COD games. It takes skill to get the flag and capture it. It takes skill to get the highest-level killstreak. The more you play, the better you get. This is true for EVERYTHING from sports to video games to sex.

BTW, there's no auto-aim in COD games, there's aim-assist. Battlefield 3 has aim-assist as well so don't be a hypocrite.

Dropdeadll2537d ago

ELITE is like uncharted fortune club, you get all the maps for a discounted price. it's got about 10 dlc things for the first month..

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chriski3332537d ago

God I know right? What a tool

mike_d_2537d ago

And here we go with another CoD fanboy-made article trying to bash another game because he is mad that he sucks at Battlefield 3.

TopDudeMan2537d ago

You didn't read it, did you?

The submitter just added the bit about battlefield 3. The guy on the site doesn't even mention it. The real title is "5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer is so great"

Think before you comment.

ATi_Elite2537d ago

I bought BF3 day 1 and i'm enjoying it. Got a great deal on MW3 for $30 so i'll be playing it too.

They have been and will forever be two entirely different gaming experiences. When Call of Duty starts using vehicles then we will have a worthy issue but until then just enjoy them.

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Agent-862536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Here is yet another example of a title of an article getting changed and somehow getting approved. The original title is "5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Rules". It got changed to "5 Reasons Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Rules & Tops Battlefield 3". After reading the article, there is not one mention of BF3, yet the submitter felt the need to change the title. COD fanboy or something? Why the hell do these things get approved. Either keep the same title or REPORT the submission and prevent it from being approved with the submitter's modifications to make some kind of fanboy point. GOD, I HATE FANBOYS!

webbsod2536d ago

the post was made and approved the title was not changed after the approval at all. it might have been changed before submitted thought.

hope this helps clear that up.

Kran2537d ago

Here come the trolls.

Ya gonna die blog >:D lol

Pikajew2537d ago

He must be trolling and wanting hits since I dont agree with his opinion /s

Software_Lover2537d ago

I could come up with atleast 20 in favor of BF3. This is fail!!!!!!!!

RememberReach2537d ago

Why don't you get started on that list, then?

Software_Lover2537d ago (Edited 2537d ago )

Because its pointless, just like this so called article.

Are these types of articles/blogs made specifically for N4g?

RememberReach2537d ago

I completely misread that comment the first time around. I'm sorry. I read that as "I can come up with at least 20 reasons MW3 will be/is better than BF3."

My bad.

But yeah, I'm pretty sure these are purely for N4G.

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