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After the extremely mixed reception of the original Hydrophobia, Dark Energy Digital did something not many other developers do, and listened to everyone's feedback, whether good or bad. Last week’s PlayStation Store update saw the release of Hydrophobia: Prophecy, a heavily reworked version of the game, with new sections, numerous changes to the story, and PlayStation Move support. So, was Dark Energy correct to not give up on Hydrophobia, or was all their effort in vain?

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Ulf2539d ago (Edited 2539d ago )

This game is actually really fun on the PS3. It is far superior to the 360 version. It plays alot like Tomb Raider or Uncharted, but with some pretty cool water tricks to spice up the environments.

The VO is still hokey, but otherwise I really enjoyed it.

sorceror1712539d ago

I've been having a good time with it, too. For free, the value is... well, literally incalculable. :)

TooTall192539d ago

I will gladly give this game 5 hours of my time.

TheDivine2539d ago

This game is total garbage. I got it for free with plus and deleted it, not worth it. One of the worst games ever made. Its so bad it made me want to pluck out my eyeballs and go play superman n64 to cleanse my palate.