‘Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy’ Impressions

"Staged at the Royal Albert Hall in London, UK on the 5th of November this past weekend was an event not to be missed by Final Fantasy enthusiast. The Distant Worlds tour is the official symphony concert for music from the Final Fantasy series under the direction of Arnie Roth, a GRAMMY Award-winning conductor. Read on for more impressions from this concert (psst, Nobuo Uematsu was there!)."

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Menchi2596d ago

Having been there, I can say, hand on heart, that it was easily one of the most awe inspiring things you could ever witness.

Yes, a massive dose of nostalgia, and some amount of emotional investment made for a massive impact, but, even so, the work of the Orchestra was brilliant, and just being in the Royal Albert Hall is pretty amazing in its own right.

If anyone has the chance to go next year, I would most definitely suggest going. I know I will.