Xboxer360: Red Dead Redemption GOTY Review

Xboxer360's Pete Cooper writes: Red Dead Redemption was 2010′s game of the year by a long stretch. Just looking back at Tom’s review here on Xboxer360 you can see the love that was offered freely to the game, and the metacritic score of 95/100 is more than well deserved. Having played the game at the point of release, Lord knows I share Tom’s love for the tragic story of former outlaw John Marston and his horseback-riding adventures across the dying West. The story itself is highly nuanced, bringing in all the very best of the Western genre while injecting their trademark cynicism and wit to the proceedings. A huge cast of colourful and entertaining characters helped make Red Dead Redemption one of the best single player gaming experiences that the Xbox 360 has to offer.

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DonaldBeck2589d ago

wasn't really into red dead, i found call of juarez bound in blood much better.


well to each his own then....

I am just happy that like me millions of other gamers enjoyed the hell out of this game.

personally one of my favourite games this gen.