Modern Warfare 3 - "It's like Michael Bay on Crack" - Gamezone-Review

Here's one of the first reviews for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

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whitezagetsu712754d ago

before BF fans start commenting about it being the same game from 07 think of this its MW3 not COD8

paranoid19712754d ago

But, That game from 2007 was Call of duty : Modern Warfare, so they'd be right.

whitezagetsu712754d ago

im just stating a fact like BFBC, BFBC2 were spin-offs so is the MW franchise I dont plan on being amazed I just want play something that will keep me company while I wait for starhawk to release and thats something BF3 cant do nothing against it
BF3 has some amazing graphics but it just doesn't have fun gameplay i love games that incorporate team basesd strategy but in a TPS not an FPS strategy in a FPS cant work because theres always that guy who lone wolfs and still manages to kill off the whole team even in battlefield.

WorldGamer2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

@ white
Sounds like you are making a lot of assumptions without playing BF3. If you don't like it just say so, no need to make up some BS reasons for justification. Just sayin.

Si-Fly2754d ago

...fanboy suiting up ^^^

Caffo012754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

does that mean that they can go on selling "an expansion" for 60 dollars as long as it's not numerated?

papashango2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Alright blackops 2. Only the second one in the franchise so its still new and fresh

Ive said before and was ridiculed but you can bet the bigger sites like ign and gamespot give it no less than a 9. activision is smart. Why pay for newer engines, when you can pay for mountain dew ads and review site advertising. As long as they keep annual cod above 8.5 its all moneyw

nanometric2754d ago

My main gripe with COD is not that it has the same old gameplay, short campaign or the reskined gfx, since it is a sequel to a successful franchise and deviating from that may cause a backlash from fans of the series. I loved COD4 and even MW2 despite it’s glaring problems, I have played online for about 30 - 40 days combined. What I hate the most are those god damn bugs which they haven’t bothered to fix since COD4, hacked leaderboards and lobbies almost on day 1, catering to casual noobs with their grenade launchers, nukes and other broken perks, quickscoping and ridiculous aim assist which doesn’t help me, but actually gets me killed more often, raised price, laggy games, host advantage etc. and just the general I don’t give a #%[email protected] from devs, not to mention attitude we get from Acti. If it wasn’t such a technical mess since COD4(including) and would have been properly balanced by using public feedback from a beta, then I woudn’t complain and would have pre-ordered by now, but alas I’m afraid it’s gonna be the same POS just in a different wrapper.

So yes, this time I went with BF3, but probably will end up buying COD anyway, since my buddies are already singing in my ears about it.

FragMnTagM2754d ago

I think you nailed it. That is exactly how I feel about this game.

But unlike you, I will be renting it if anything, lol.

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GamersRulz2754d ago

I will watch MW3 reviews carefully, I want to see how they handle the originality factor here.

NEW-AGE2754d ago (Edited 2754d ago )

Micheal Bay on Crack, isn't it like Normal For Hollywood People to move on to stronger Stuff Than That...... .. Scarface was Made with Oliver Stone on Crack' looking Forward to BAD BOYS 3, Funny Movies- Mike LaaaaWwwrRraey

RXL2754d ago

so Modern Warfare 3 for the SP campaign and BF3 for the multi player?

im down for the count like one of draculas homies

nano882754d ago

All the people that's talking shit about MW3 can't wait until tomorrow to get the game!!!

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