Stereoscopic 3D: amazing when done properly

MyGaming - By now everyone’s chosen a camp; they either love 3D or they hate it.

Those who love it are holding on to the possibility of another “Avatar” and those who hate it are just sick and tired of the mountains of junk being produced, and so they should be.

Myself: I’ve been a stereoscopy enthusiast since the age of 11. When it’s done properly, it’s the difference between black and white and colour TV.

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DigitalRaptor2539d ago

Stereoscopic-3D truly is an immersive marvel when facing the right experience. Some are done amazingly, and some not so much, but when you experience the right one is will blow you away.

Tired2539d ago

Yup it can really add to the whole experience. Done well you'll just sit there with a dopey grin on your face the whole time.

Unfortunately the disappointment from a poorly implemented 3D title can seriously put a dent in your enthusiasm for a game...even if it's a pretty good 2D title.

Can't wait to play Uncharted.. (unfortunately I have to...till xmas) It's been hailed as the Avatar of I'm well excited to see how it all pans out.