Tech2: Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Review writes: "It’s enjoyable and exciting but Uncharted 3 is not the perfect sequel we had hoped for."

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ForROME2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

You have not missed a UC article today with your comments; haha I picture you sitting there just waiting for one to post eating pop corn

StraightPath2756d ago

All suprises were given away by trailers. It did not have the same effect as uncharted 2 as it was a huge improvement. However still a great game , graphics are amazing. The story was lacking abit and characters not utilised properly. Same formula as previous games so still awesome.

ForROME2756d ago

8.5 is more realistic to me - I would give it a 8.5 - 9, I still like UC2 better

SJPFTW2756d ago

UC2 had a way better multiplayer. kept it simple and was fast pace. I dont like the COD inspired direction they went with in this one with killstreaks, leveling up etc.

SP i would rate the same. They were both epic and entertaining.

xenophage2756d ago

Wasn't UC2's multiplayer pretty much the same? Without Kickbacks i.e.

SJPFTW2756d ago

i meant the unlocking of weapons and loadouts

xenophage2756d ago

I hear ya. UC2 was better by a mile. Even the co-op missions in UC3 felt rushed.

ASTAROTH2756d ago

Uncharted 3 its not the perfect sequel... yet MW3 is the perfect sequel... rigth??


PhantomTommy2756d ago

That was one of the worst comments ever, I was disappointed with U3, U2 is a far better game.

SoapShoes2756d ago

WTFING H3** is with all of the trolls all of the sudden. I doubt you even played UC3.

--Onilink--2756d ago

this is actually one of the most spot on reviews i have seen on the internet (just my opinion, not stating its a fact for everyone). U3 is a really amazing game, one of, if not the best game i have played this year so far, but ultimately when compared to U2, it was a downgrade... problems from U1 that had been erradicated in U2 decided to show up again in U3, and mostly i felt they rushed through the story. The boat level, being one of the most amazing set pieces in a videogame, ultimately provided ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the story.

I wanted to see more of Marlowe and Talbot, learn more about Ubar and above else, i wanted more backstory about what had happened between Elena and Drake

sjaakiejj2756d ago

It's interesting how things work. If Uncharted 3 had been the second game in the franchise, and Uncharted 2 had been the third, it's very likely we'd see incredibly similar comments about Uncharted 2 as we're currently seeing about Uncharted 3. Fact of the matter is, because Uncharted 2 blew people away, their expectations for Uncharted 3 went into unrealistic areas. That's what's causing the disappointment.

--Onilink--2756d ago

well maybe thats part of the reason, but i think its more that U3 brought back issues that were not present, or had been fixed in U2 and the story wasnt as fullfilling too

sjaakiejj2756d ago

Can you name these issues, and then validate that they weren't present in Uncharted 2? Purely going by gameplay mechanics, Uncharted 3 is identical to Uncharted 2 with the exception of a few additions in the third one.

As for the story, that's very subjective. With the exception of a little bit of copy-paste in the storyline at the end, I actually felt this story was more engaging and fulfilling than Uncharted 2's. On top, I felt the third game had far more variety then the second.

Some people complain about some pieces of the story, such as on the ship, didn't really play a significant role in the story. But the fact of the matter is, Uncharted 3 is a game, and therefore Gameplay dominates the story. So if it's in the interest of better gameplay, the story may be extended with scenes that aren't really necessary from a story perspective, and for a game that's exactly what it should be doing.

--Onilink--2756d ago

well to name a few, the pacing in U2 is much better, the shooting is less smooth, seriously underdeveloped villains, story feels kinda rushed towards the end leaving quite a few topics unanswered, melee combat gets way to repetitive by the end. All those things were better or not present in U2, at least in my opinion.

Dont get me wrong, i dont think U3 is a bad game or that those issues are game breakers, the positive things in U3 outweight by far the negatives, but at the end of the day, to me it was a step down from U2, and its not like i expected an improvement like it happened from 1 to 2, but i would have settled for at least the same level as U2

sjaakiejj2756d ago (Edited 2756d ago )

"the pacing in U2 is much better"
I'd ask you to elaborate on that.

"the shooting is less smooth"
I've heard people say this, but besides perhaps a slight bit of input lag, the actual shooting doesn't appear to have changed at all in comparison to Uncharted 2. I tried it on Uncharted 2 the other day, and I can't notice a difference? Maybe that's just me.

"seriously underdeveloped villains, story feels kinda rushed towards the end leaving quite a few topics unanswered,"
The villains weren't really what the story was about though, were as in Uncharted 2 they were. In U3 they were there to provide a backdrop for the actual story, and in this case that was about Nathan Drake.

"melee combat gets way to repetitive by the end."
It's a bit odd that you note this point, considering the melee combat in uncharted 3 actually offers more variety then the one in Uncharted 2, allowing you to, on top of the all the moves you could do in Uncharted 2, to use the environment around you to your advantage as well.

Please note: I'm not trying to discard your points, I'm simply interested in comparing the criticisms of Uncharted 3 to the gameplay of Uncharted 2.

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