CVG - GoldenEye 007: Reloaded Review

CVG - The metamorphosis from one Bond to the next has always seemed clunky. Like some crafty parent swapping a dead pet hamster for a new one, we find movie studios shooing arthritic stars out the door for younger models.

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DonaldBeck2563d ago

its a classic, no way is it a 5, id say a 9

tigertron2563d ago

This is the remake they're reviewing, not the original.

Besides, if you're going to change key things about Goldeneye i.e. Pierce Brosnan then you're asking for trouble. I'd only buy a Goldeneye remake if it kept to the film and used the likeness of the main characters. GE is one of my favourite films.

Besides, Activision made this (well, published) so I'm not expecting anything ground breaking.