Review: Sonic Generations - Toastervision

Let’s be honest for a minute: Sonic the Hedgehog hasn’t exactly had the best run this generation. From the frightening, universally-panned Sonic ‘06 to the middling Unleashed and slightly better Colors, the blue blur just hasn’t been all that enjoyable to hang around with since the 360 and PS3 have become the industry’s darlings. Despite all that, he has yet to actually give up and cash in his chips. Now it’s his 20th birthday and we’re all supposed to celebrate that fact the way Sega thinks we should: with Sonic Generations, a compilation/tribute/retrospect ive/amalgam of Sonic’s history. It’s a strange thing, but by allowing the series to poke a little fun at itself, Sonic Team has managed to put out a title that’s mostly worthy of the Sonic moniker.

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