SBG Review | Dark Souls: Battling against the demons of the past

When the people behind what was already considered one of the most brutal games of this generation say that they plan on releasing a sequel that makes that game easy by comparison, it’s hard not to take notice. Dark Souls, the spiritual sequel to the 2009 cult hit, takes this claim and certainly validates it, though not without sacrificing some of the things that kept players exploring the original’s world.

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Spenok2536d ago (Edited 2536d ago )

Umm... i dont know if you know what you are talking about, as the developer stated they believe Dark Souls would be harder then the origional....


And i wholeheartedly disagree with this score.

ShoryukenII2536d ago

Yeah, this is a stupid review. I played Demon's Souls in the summer and this game is much harder. It is so hard that I sometimes have to resort to glitching. I remember having to glitch the fire god below Quelagg's Domain. Getting to that boss was hard enough. But he was just ridiculous and at the level I was at, impossible. I never experienced that in Demon's Souls. I think this reviewer was either playing a different game or he used the infinite souls glitch.

NegativeCreepWA2536d ago

I don't think that was a glitch. I think the Dev's meant for you to trick it into jumping to that ledge to be knocked off.

ShoryukenII2536d ago

I doubt that. It's a well known fact that FromSoftware is evil. They wanted us to go mental.

jerethdagryphon2536d ago

thats not a glitch watch the animatiosn its designed as an alternate way of killing it

a glitch is something less polished

colorninja2536d ago

The statement is that the devs planned "on releasing a sequel that makes that game easy by comparison," which means exactly that they believe it is harder than the original.

You are making a statement and citing evidence that supports the information in the review.

ShoryukenII2536d ago

You're right. I was mistaken. That's embarrassing. :( Well at least he isn't THAT stupid. But 6/10 is a little ridiculous. But I understand that he could hate the game if he couldn't progress because of the difficulty. I apologize for my bad reading. :p

Spenok2533d ago

Wow, your completely right, can't believe I read it THAT wrong lol. As ShoryukenII above me states, how embarrassing lol. And I agree with everything else he says, 6/10 seems a bit low to me. A game isn't bad just because you suck at it.... tho i can see why that would could upset or frustrate you.

HacSawJimThugin2536d ago

My only gripe is the online, other than that I couldn't be happier with the game.

Oh yeah, and the lack of DLC support. I want new challenges to tackle!!

grahf2536d ago

I'm glad they aren't worring about trying to squeeze gamers on DLC, and I'm very glad they are providing a complete package for our money. I would rather they put all their resources towards their next Souls game (Oh please!!!!) instead of diverting talent to small projects.

I do see your point of view... 100 hours with a very personal avatar and you tend to get attached... =)

Nevers2535d ago

DLC, yes please.

This is one time that I would lay down $$ instantaneously. Mainly cuz we got a complete package already like I was buying what should have been the rest of the game.

HacSawJimThugin2535d ago

I feel ya bro...never have I wanted to spend money so badly for DLC and most likely I won't get the chance too:(

Dark Souls sold pretty well for them and I can only hope that another "Souls" title is in the works.

Nevers2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )


Yes totally.

And, sorry, my original post should have read:

"Mainly cuz we got a complete package already AND IT WOULDN'T BE like I was buying what should have been the rest of the game.