Will the Silent Hill Series Upcoming Reboot Save the Franchise?

Konami announced the launch dates for three "new" titles for it's popular survival horror series, Silent Hill.

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DBLDeathDealer2750d ago

Should be an interesting game. Not that Konami has ever made a real game.

egidem2750d ago

Here you go dude.
I'm pretty SURE you can find a real game in there.

DBLDeathDealer2750d ago

I stand corrected. I see Frogger. Great game.

Venox20082750d ago

actually Konami made lots of great games.. Castlevania, Metal gear and others

xxxAnubisxxx2750d ago

Silent hill has always been just OK for me... Nothing awesome, nothing terrible. I may give the Collection a shot

ScubaSteve12750d ago

when Team Silent takes it over

Noticeably_FAT2750d ago

The Silent Hill franchise has simply lost it's relevancy. People grow up and out of certain things, I think Silent Hill is one of those, I remember playing the original back when I was a teenager and it was great fun and scary and a good game, they have all gone downhill since then and I've found other games that do that formula better.

xxxAnubisxxx2750d ago

Completely agree... Like that guy above said, all of Konamis games have lost their relevancy.

ViralAyatane2749d ago

It's less about the formula and more about the team. A lot of the members from the earlier titles left somewhere around Silent Hill 3 or 4. They went on to make a good horror game called Siren

TheKindRoost2750d ago

SH died when team silent left konami.

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The story is too old to be commented.