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"While in years passed, Infinity Ward releases were held as the crown jewel of all things Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 3 has more to prove than any game in the series before it, as well as answering some major questions about the future of the franchise..."

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Hufandpuf2753d ago

"I’m absolutely sure that people are going to throw around the term “Modern Warfare 2.5″ when talking about Modern Warfare 3′s multiplayer component, and that’s not a bad thing. Remember how much fun you had, and how many hours of your life were wasted playing MW2′s multiplayer. Well prepare for a similar investment."

Genghis2753d ago

YUP. The multiplayer is why i'm getting it. don't mind that they phoned in the campaign

chazjamie2753d ago

this review is disgustingly racist.

"vodka swilling pinko bastards"
"potato sucking commies"
"the Ruskies being the gullible bastards"

and there is definitely no redeeming qualities in nates note.

Starbucks_Fan2753d ago

I smell a million 8/10 reviews coming

RedDead2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Hopefully lower. So Acti can start improving, I guarantee sales will not be affected though

Deadman_Senji2753d ago

I don't want Activision to improve. I want them to DIE!!!!

Solidus187-SCMilk2753d ago

I think I will get this game and play with a bunch of my real life friends, it will be fun.

I just dont understand all the hate for this game. If you dont like it, dont play it. I didnt complain when people bought WOW, MW2, or BO and I passed on them.

I havent bought a COD since COD4, so to me this could be fun. Seems that most of the complainers have bought alot of the more recent CODs and are burnt out/bitter about it. SO to me they only have themselvs to blame for buying the game year after year and expecting something super different.

As someone who only had COD1 and 4, this game could be fresh to me, and I know it will be fun since I will be able to run with a full squad of all my friends who I used to play goldeneye and halo with.

Having child hood friends that live all around the country now can really make a game like this fun since I know many of them will get it and I will be able to talk with them as we play.

Silver_Faux2753d ago

understand what your saying, COD4 was the reason i got a ps3 after playing it at my mates house, but seriously if you haven't played BO then you wouldn't know how disappointing that game was(especially on the ps3).

I actually really liked MW2, despite the over the top killstreaks, it was still really fun with my mates.

MW3 is worth getting for me cos of the awesome splitscreen options.

More fps need this option cos seriously, whats the point of owing a console if only 1 person can play at a time? may aswell by a PC.

Xenial2753d ago

Guess i'll be passing on this one. When i pick up Skyrim on Friday, BF3 will be what i get.

Marquis_de_Sade2753d ago

Based on one (poorly written) review?

emartini2753d ago

I actually respect this review for the simple fact that they arent giving it a 9 or a 10 for the same recycled game.

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The story is too old to be commented.