City of Heroes: Freedom - A new but familiar experience

Fagin of TheParanoidGamer Writes: "City of Heroes was the first MMO I ever really played. WOW bored me, and I wanted something different and perhaps just a bit more oriented toward my inner-nerd. The kind of nerd that likes righting wrongs and doing skullduggery, but finds elves and dwarves to be effeminate pussies. Especially the kind of elves and dwarves in most online games. That’s why I gravitated toward the superhero genre MMO. I’m sure that I’ve already alienated the WOW fanboys with the first few sentences, and that’s completely fine with me. I’ve played with your asses in these types of games, and your constant whining for clerics and healers in chat annoyed me enough to make a villain character that kills your kind in PVP. But enough about that."

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2Negative2538d ago

My pc died 3 years ago and I never replaced it. I miss City of Heroes. Will play this game in a heart beat if I ever get a pc.