Feed Your Console Review: Modern Warfare 3

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Another year and another installment of the ever popular Call of Duty franchise – Modern Warfare 3, which aptly takes place during World War III. In customary fashion to our policies here at Feed Your Console, we will do our best to NOT divulge any major spoilers as we want you to experience it the way the game was meant to be enjoyed.

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Hufandpuf4603d ago

It's hard to rate a game down if it copies the previous game in the series that got high marks. You're playing the same game so technically, it should get the same score.

NealCaffrey4603d ago

Really give it a rest already, every call of duty article you keep commenting on and saying its the same game.

Laxman4603d ago

'Technically', no it shouldnt if its the same game, becuase that would mean its 4 or 5 years old, and wouldnt hold up to modern standards.

Hufandpuf4603d ago

COD 4 still holds up well. I'd play that over a lot of shooters that have came out recently.

The_Kills4603d ago

Yet BF3 running 30 FPS is up to todays standards? Lol.. L2Rate games downies.

Laxman4603d ago

You know, I actually played through that today, and it made me realise most games still dont look as good as it, and its what, 4 years old now? Pretty amazing stuff.


@Hufandpuf if ur BF3 is so amazing don't u Think u will b online playing instead of trolling every Cod article?

Gazondaily4603d ago (Edited 4603d ago )

Please. I know you didn't just talk about trolling. Hopefully, going by your logic (or lackthereof), you won't be posting on here when COD comes out.

Good score but I'm waiting to see what my mates say about this. I have the day off so might get this on release day if the multiplayer is enjoyable.

humbleopinion4603d ago

Hufandpuf, you mean just like Starcraft 2?

Hufandpuf4603d ago

not counting the fact that there are 3 separate games for SC2. The terran, Zerg, and protoss which are all getting a separate campaign and units coupled with improvements, but is till called SC2 and not SC(insert a number)

Also consider that SC1 was made in the 98 so why tear a national Esport away from what made it a sport.

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Lord_Stark4603d ago

By the time the review embargo against the major gaming media is lifted, the game would have already sold millions at midnight launches. Review scores wont have mattered.

kassler4603d ago

"Campaign is 3,5-4 hours". They are getting shorter.

gamernova4603d ago

They added kill confirmed so some of the campaign had to be shortened.

ambientFLIER4603d ago

And how long is BF3's campaign again?

ginsunuva4603d ago

Both campaigns suck we never said anything about bf3.

Shackdaddy8364602d ago

No one said anything about BF3...

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