[DalealStick] Dark Souls Review - The new standard for phantasy RPG

Balf writes: Really deep review of Dark Souls, it has been done after beating the game.

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Omega Archetype2563d ago

Totally deserves the score! Love it. Not sure if I love it more than Demon's Souls, but it's just as good!

DonaldBeck2563d ago

demons souls still has the sofest part in my heart of all of the souls games. but dark souls is phenominal aswell.

Lord_Sloth2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I dislike the way you said Phantasy RPG as PSO has to live up to Dark Souls now when in truth they stress very different things. PSO stresses co-op where as Dark Souls seems to dislike co-op by not letting you work with friends.

Sorry but PSO is awesome and while it may not be better than Dark Souls, it can at the very least stand toe to toe with it in it's own ways.

Tanir2563d ago

u seem to misunderstand. the game focus's on coop. but they want it to feel like a singleplayer game. the people you encounter is a mystery, it makes people play with others they dont know. back in demons souls people just played together, this would leave the other players with less people to summon.

friends would do exploits together aswell and drop each other 99 of each soul type.

if you like demons souls or dark souls then you should know why friend coop isn't much of a good thing. i mean sure not everyone would abuse it, but look, even without that people abuse things, so the less possible exploits the better.

if your friend is a real life friend just call him up and put the soul sign it works the same, just cant be in friendlist.

Lord_Sloth2563d ago

They fixed the exploit when they made the game save every few seconds, also, I had no shortage of strangers to summon in Demon's.

I don't hold anything against exploits in games as much as every1 else does. As long as they aren't effecting my game, I don't tend to care to they play theirs. Who am I to stop some1 else from having fun their way? Isn't that rather asinine?!