GTA V DLC ideas: Red Dead Redemption influence

Product-Reviews writes: Previous Grand Theft Auto downloadable-content really doesn't meet the standards of today's offerings, so we think that Rockstar could well benefit from bringing in ideas from its DLC releases for Red Dead Redemption - what do you think? Imagine the GTV 5 Undead Nightmare pack!

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MrBeatdown2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

GTA4's DLC was closer to RDR's than what they're giving it credit for. GTA4 DLC not only had "just new side-quests" but they had new multiplayer content, including modes and weapons, much like RDR.

I usually pass up DLC for most games, but for RDR and GTA4, Rockstar did a fantastic job.

For GTAV, what I'd really like to see is new episodes, but it would be especially cool with additional locations. If V only contains Los Santos and the countryside, I'd love to see San Fierro and Las Venturas each included in an episode and added onto the existing map. They don't have to be huge, full blown cities. Smaller versions, maybe about the size of a single island from GTA4 would be just fine.

And I'd love to see a third episode with a GTA take on Undead Nightmare. Anyone ever play Slicecycles in Dead Rising 2? Give me cars (or tanks!) instead of bikes, and the whole city as the arena and Rockstar would have a pretty awesome multiplayer mode on their hands.

HappyGaming2633d ago

Great idea and because it would be DLC you can download it from your hard drive and stream it without needing to change disks :D

I am sure people would pay for 2 extra islands!!!

TenSteps2633d ago

Only a teaser trailer and already we're talking about DLC

YodaCracker2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I'm not sure what the writer of this article is talking about... GTA IV's DLCs were only "side quests"? WTF? TLAD and TBOGT were practically full games on their own, with their own characters, storylines, and more content than many full retail games. They are the definitive downloadable content of this gen and the highest rated as well. At $20 each, there is no better value in DLC.

mhteg2632d ago

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