Minecraft surpasses 4 million sales

DSOGaming writes: "Minecraft proves that a great indie game with a nice marketing campaign can actually sell quite well on a dead platform. Notch’s little gem has finally surpassed 4 million sold copies, a number that a lot of triple-A games would like to achieve on the PC. To be more accurate, Minecraft currently has 16,051,591 registered users, of which 4,000,043 (24.92%) have bought the game"

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Pandamobile2564d ago

That's a lot of $$$

Like $80,000,000...

john22564d ago

Can't say that the $ number is that much, but still. It's quite impressive for such an indie game

Elwenil2564d ago

$20 x 4,000,000 = 80,000,000. I think I paid about $23, which would put it closer to 92 million.

Pandamobile2564d ago

Are you on crack?

$80 million dollars for a 10 person studio is an insane amount of money.

PandaJenkins2564d ago

It certainly isn't surprising whenever I see Notch donating thousands to the humblebundle.

kcuthbertson2564d ago

Bu..bu..but...PC gamers don't buy their games...

Spenok2563d ago

And Well deserved. Minecraft is amazing!