GTA V - What The Gamers Want To See looks at gamer feedback and wishlists for GTA V, following heated discussion on the game's recently revealed trailer.

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Dee_912562d ago

Less retarded articles
More news about the game

Gaetano2562d ago

Sorry for holding a gun to your head and forcing you to read this....

brendan44442562d ago

I reported you because its illegal to hold guns to peoples heads and this is a STUPID article

laid2rest2562d ago

Ffs people if you don't like the article don't click on it and read the thing. You do have the freedom to scroll down the page and pass it entirely. Stop acting like children.

swishersweets200312562d ago

i want the game to be like the original three. i love gta so much but i just cant see myself buying into it if the games doesnt go back to its roots. Maybe im just afraid of change in these games but i didnt like the changes in four.. just didnt feel like the gta i remembered.