First 15 Minutes of MW3 Campaign

First 15 Minutes of MW3 *Spoilers*

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ThreshStar2757d ago

Great, just great.

What am I gonna do now that I've seen over half the Campaign?!

(GET IT?!?!)

Hazmat132757d ago

cant wait for the storyline let WW3 begin! well *looks at time* in about 4 hours!

XIIIWARRIOR412757d ago

I don't want to spoil it. Just a few more minutes or hours. GF picking it up.

TheDarkness2757d ago

Theres nothing to spoil..Soap dies, Sandman dies, Truck dies, Grinch dies, Yuri dies, Makarov dies and Kamarov dies.. Milked game and story.

shammgod2757d ago

I remember this, i call it MW2 though