Uncharted 3 Isn’t As Amazing as You’ve Heard

In no way is “Deception” a slouch; anything its brothers can do, it can do as well or better. The puzzles are the best of the entire franchise, the graphics are face-meltingly beautiful with vivid animation, the dialog snaps like “His Girl Friday” meets “Indiana Jones,” and the set pieces are appropriately jaw-dropping. But in between these peaks, U3 marks time with two things the franchise has never done more than adequately: gunfights and ledge-jumping. The former continues to go on forever and feel kinda slippery, and the latter is pretty much connect-the-dots. Now the game does a great job of giving you breaks from these two activities, but they still crop up just a bit too much. And remember: we’ve been doing them, exactly as they are here, for two whole games already.

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NewMonday2565d ago

it's a conspiracy! reviewers we're bought or brainwashed

Dante1122565d ago (Edited 2565d ago )

Personally, I thought UC3 was pretty epic and "amazing" game.

Edit: Yeah, this article was good for a laugh though.

Article: "Uncharted 3 isn’t as amazing as you’ve heard. Don't believe anyone but me. Meeee, I tell u. Don't buy it"

ABizzel12564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I don't understand what a lot of these reviewers were looking for. I would say part of it is Sony's and Naughty Dog's fault, but the majority of the problem are with reviewers.

When you move on from a game that is pretty much considered the pinnacle its genre, what do you expect from the next game? There was no where for Naughty Dog to go from what they did with Uncharted 2 besides bigger and better and more [email protected]$$ in the words of Cliffy B. The only blame Sony and Naughty Dog have are:

1) Creating a game that set the standard for all other games in the genre to be judged.


2) Releasing Uncharted 3, 2 years after Uncharted 2. There was really no need for it, and it completely overshadowed many of Sony's other games that came out in the later end of the year. 2012 would have been a much better year for it, and they could have expanded on things like making the game feel more open/exploratory and less linear in more parts of the game. Also with the extra year of development, they could have made a dramatic improvement in the graphics vs. the modest improvement it currently has.

But even without those Uncharted 3 is still an amazing game that's better than any other game in the genre with Uncharted 2 being the only exception, and the Batman games if you include those (but even then those 2 games are better than Batman IMO).

The focus of Uncharted 3 was to dive deeper into Nate and Sully and give a better and more thrilling experience than Uncharted 2 provided and it did that. The next focus was to improve on multiplayer, and this was hit or miss IMO. It's definitely more competitive than Uncharted 2, but I didn't play Uncharted 2 multiplayer for an entire year because it was competitive, I played it because it was fun, and Uncharted 3 multiplayer lost some of it's fun.

In the end Uncharted 2 was definitely an amazing game, and Uncharted 3 is every bit as good. I've never given a game a 10/10 and the only ones to come close are Zelda: O of T and Uncharted 2 with both receiving 9.5/10. Now I can say there's another game to reach that same level of greatness and it's Uncharted 3.

Had Naughty Dog waited another year I felt they could have done something grander than what they provided given the extra year to work, but what they have is still one of the best games and franchises ever.

Hockeydud192564d ago

No need for another Uncharted?? Why not? The games quality has only improved with each release. I can definitely live with an uncharted game being released every 2 years.

gta28002564d ago

I haven't heard. I went out and bought the game and found out my self that it's an amazing game.

MaxXAttaxX2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

A few articles and reviews tried to make it sound worse than it was. Yet when I played it myself, I found that it improves upon its predecessors on nearly every aspect IMO.

ABizzel12564d ago

"No need for another Uncharted?? Why not? The games quality has only improved with each release. I can definitely live with an uncharted game being released every 2 years. "

I meant they didn't have to put it out this year, Sony had plenty of other games already.

sikbeta2563d ago

Hmmm... what IF I thinks U3 is Amazing? no one can change that lol

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RedDead2564d ago

Is it "9.5/one of the greatest games ever" Amazing?

2564d ago
Blackdeath_6632563d ago

well in all honesty ive heard call of duty was amazing and that also gets high scores :/ ppl should make their own decisions reviewers have completely lost thier credibility since the start of this gen and are not to be trusted.

SoapShoes2564d ago

Can we remove this trash article from this site? No one cares what this guy thinks, it's not news, it's just going to start an uprising flamewar against this guy.

ScytheX32564d ago

no one cares... yet you obviously do enough to that clicked to read it and even comment on it? LOL x10

papashango2564d ago

Lol they probably get more hits from the enraged ps3 fanboys that don't care

SoapShoes2562d ago

I didn't click on it. You are obviously trying to twist things into your favor. Not going to work.

Thatguy-3102564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Uncharted 3 isn't a bad game. The problem that most people faced was that their expectations were so high that they were left disappointed. I for one knew it was going to happened since among thieves was a critical success back in 09. I know ill get disagress but the single player lacked a lot from me. To me it felt like a transformers movie with epic set pieces happening right after another. There are also a ton of unexplained things that occurred in the story that really bothered me. Loved cutter and hated the fact that we didn't see much of him similar thing to the other characters. This game focused mostly on nathan and sully which affected the other characters. Its a must have if you have a ps3 but IMO Among thieves is a better game. I'm enjoying the hell out of the online mode
though :)
It would be cool if the DLC that ND have are small story portions that put us in the shoes of the other characters since they were pretty pointless on the main campaign.
Ohhh and i was disappointed with the villain. She could have played a woman version of lazaravich and i would have love it more. One of my memorable scenes with the villain in uncharted 2 is when jeff gets shot which leads to that one scene where Nathan and lazarvich meet for the first time :) now that did feel like a confrontation between good and evil.

MsclMexican2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Lol I had high expectations of Uncharted 3 and I did not feel disappointed. Hell it was probably the best game I ever faced.


Also Katherine was the best villain ever in the Uncharted franchise. Never have we seen someone deconstruct Nate and make him sound so pathetic. ND succeed in creating a character who would get into Nates mind and make him doubt himself. Chapter 21 was huge and made you question nate and why he is doing what he does. Katherine is my favourite Uncharted villain. Also Cutter was badass... he is the new meme in uncharted, the title used to go to Eddy Raja.

But back on topic with the article. I was expecting something like this. Truth is anyone can take any game and make it sound boring repetitive

Uncharted: Cutscene, climb shoot treasure, repeat

Batman: Glide, enter room, fight, stealth, cutscene, repeat

Legend of Zelda: Dungeon, slash, new item, boss, repeat

Bioshock: Follow arrow, shoot stuff, get new power, repeat

TES(irregardless of class): attack, do something random, choose side, go on quest, repeat

Portal: Solve puzzle, hear witty banter, repeat

Mario... the godfather of videogames: jump on enemy, rescue princess, repeat

But, the games that can do this well, make you forget, but instead provide you a great experience. That is why the games I mentioned above are so great and why they have a place in my heart

sourav932564d ago

Did anyone even bother reading the article??

Majin-vegeta2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

*Uncharted 3 Isn’t As Amazing as You’ve Heard.*

Of course not you have to experience it 1st hand.Then you'll see why it's amazing

Thatguy-3102564d ago

Going to laugh my a** off when it loses the vga GOTY. Not because it doesn't deserve it but because of all the people that are hyping it up. It has performed lower than among thieves which obviously states that among thieves was a better game. Reviews are just opinions but when you gather all of them together these people are just like us and if the majority have given the same score to a game then it means something.

MysticStrummer2564d ago

"It has performed lower than among thieves which obviously states that among thieves was a better game." If by perform you mean sell... then someday you may understand how ridiculous your statement is. As for GotY, mine is Dark Souls, but UC3 is the best of an amazing series in every way.

smashman982563d ago

I am 99% sure that it wont be getting goty this year but why does that even matter, i personally loved the game and its my favorite in the series.

the reason i dont see it walking away with goty is because it wasnt as ground breaking as the second plain and simple

StraightPath2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Personally a 9/10 for me i am not exaggerating as some people are doing a great game but nothing so AMAZING and MIND BLOWNING. One trophy left the crushing difficulty. Seriously some people just let fanboyish get to them how they are describing Uncharted 3. The whole thing at times felt the gunplay in the uncharted series was abit sloppy.

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Ser2564d ago


I'm not even done playing the campaign yet and I think it's better than Uncharted 2.

Thatguy-3102564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Tell me how's it better? Other than the technological achievements.
How's the villain, story, mechanics etc. Better than uncharted 2? There are certain people that would still praise it even if it had Nathan walking in the desert for most of the game so not suprise that people are making it seem like the best game ever.

Ser2564d ago

***I*** think it's better. Is that not good enough for you?

It's all personal opinion, buddy.

Knuxxx2563d ago

Allow me to explain why I think it's better than uncharted 2. The story doesn't take as long to get people interested in it while still managing to be just as good as 2. Kate is a better villain because she makes more sense. I'd say why, but I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone. True some parts of the story seem like they were made just to have another level, but the bit in the desert, that really showed more about nathan as a character and made him less 1 dimensional. The gameplay has been improved as well. Mixing up shooting and melee works even better, and almost rewards yo for doing so too.

Drekken2564d ago

What an intense single player - AS USUAL.

Kudos on the Multiplayer though... ND really went all out.

TheBlackMask2565d ago

Let the trolling and nit picking commence.

CynicalVision2565d ago

I've just finished the game and I'm pretty sure it was just as amazing as I've heard.

drosera12564d ago

Agreed, i've also just finished it and was blown away. There were so many moments when i thought to myself that i'd never done THIS in a videogame before. Naughty Dog outdid themselves. This game is better than even the best reviews could bring it across.

P_Bomb2565d ago

The blogosphere on this game is getting a bit satirical, especially since these types of articles are mostly of the "I'm right" variety without bringing anything new to the table.

The shout out to the Half Life franshise at the expense of U3 is nonsensical and out of time/place, especially while Half Life 3 remains in development hell. Speaking of not resting on your laurels...

BrianC62342564d ago

That's why I don't care about reviews on games I want. I bought Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City without caring about the reviews. I knew both would be great no matter what some reviewer I never heard of thinks.