PSA: How NOT to Revive on Battlefield 3 (Parody Comedy)

With the creator’s permission, BustedDpad wanted to share the hilarity of this video with everyone possible.

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Angels37852539d ago

This is sooo true. I hate all the XP hogs. Seriously it makes the game un-fun and frustrating. Play the game the way its meant to be played.

-Alpha2538d ago

You can opt out of a revive and it wont cost you a death

When you get into the "Last Stand" mode, you can make sure it's safe to get up yourself.

I think it's better that way, but I think Medics should get an extra +10 if the player accepts the revive because sometimes medics don't clear an area like they should

Kleptic2538d ago

yeah this is funny, but doesn't really apply to Bf3 that DON'T get a death/ticket loss anyway, and you can easily opt out of the revive...

whenever you get revived you get the option to stand up or opt out. If you start firing your pistol, I think you lose the option...if You take the revive, your initial death does not count towards your own death count, and your team does not lose a ticket...Even if you keep getting up/down'd, your team is not losing tickets until you opt out and go to the spawn screen...

A game that was always broken in this regard was killzone had no ability to opt out of a revive...and people could revive you from 10 feet away...And this would constantly happen as medics could get insane points just spamming you over and over and watching you die before you even had control of your character...

and what did GG do to fix this?...they changed the amount of time a medic has between revives...lame...I still can't believe they never implemented an option to simply not accept the revive...

NealCaffrey2539d ago

You can choose if you want to be revived or not..

Hufandpuf2538d ago

Yea, I didn't get that either. The whole time in my head, I would think: Press B, or O/Triangle (Whatever it is on PS3)

-Alpha2538d ago

Battlefield seriously needs a tutorial like MAG had. I can't stand new players not knowing what the hell to do

vickers5002538d ago

Reviving for POINTS is POINTLESS...


Winkle922538d ago

This is true of Bad Company 2, but not Battlefield 3...

dougr2538d ago

lol that was a good video, kudos to the creators.

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The story is too old to be commented.