Addicted-Gamers: Xenoblade Chronicles Nintendo Wii Review – The Definitive Wii RPG

Addicted-Gamers writes: "Xenoblade Chronicles is Monolith Soft’s shining swansong role-playing game that proves it is still possible to make a traditional RPG with a back to roots approach yet still able to deliver on the ideals of the genre; a compelling, grandiose story, likable characters, the lost art of exploration, and familiar but refined gameplay. Xenoblade Chronicles does not break the mold nor does it reinvent the endangered genre of the Japanese RPG (JRPG). It takes that mold and crafts something that has rarely been seen in this current generation of video gaming, one of the finest RPG experiences on the Wii or any console this generation."

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AG-Mike2565d ago

Had the wrong link posted for a bit. Its fixed.

Titanz2565d ago

Stacks up to the greatest rpg's ever created, list.

Macho Man2565d ago

Ooooo yeah Macho Man approves of this game...just what the Wii needed YEAH! Only problem yeah the only problem is the graphics distracted yer ol buddy ol pal Macho Man and I had to find an SD TV to blend them pixelated pixels together YEAH LIKE WE DID ON THE SNES OR SOMETIN.

But you need to play it AHA, play it real good yeah!!

Dig it!

YoungKingDoran2565d ago

cant wait to play it.
sitting on my shelf.
playing it after dark souls, U3, Infamous 2, Deus Ex, rise of the metatron
and after XC i got even MORE to get through...
good times.
thought i better buy it before it disappears from the shelves. you guys know how it is with some games.
oh man then zelda and skyrim.