16 Modern Warfare 3 MP Gameplay Videos on All Maps

MP1st - "With Modern Warfare 3 just around the corner, we thought that these 16 Modern Warfare 3 videos would help you get a feel of all the maps available at launch. Of course, there will be monthly DLC drops for elite members that will pack in new maps. If you like small, chaotic maps (e.g. Shipment and Nuketown), then the first video on Dome is a must watch for you. Interestingly, “the small, chaotic” map in World at War was also called Dome."

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fluffydelusions2590d ago

Even though I'm enjoying BF3 I can't wait for this game too!

Criminal2590d ago

Yeah it's going to be a real struggle to play both.

WolfLeBlack2590d ago

No kidding, mate. I've got to try and juggle Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, Skyrim and Revelations! And then Saints Row 3, NFS: The Run, LEGO Harry Potter, Halo: Combat Anniversery and then...... *eyes glaze over and froth starts coming out of my mouth* it's just too much.....I can't.....I can't..... ZOMG!!

TooTall192590d ago

Yeah I really got into BF3 over this weekend. I finally got into a hardcore server and thought it was much better than normal. I hope Dice fix Operation Metro CQ.

I am ready for MW3 now. I hope the maps in MW3 turn out good. Should be another great week!

Oschino19072590d ago

Hardcore is the only way to really experiance any BF in all its glory IMO, almost never played reg again after going to it on BFBC2. Too many crutches and aids helping players out in reg, hardcore is where the smarts, teamplay and tactics really shine not to mention the extra layer of immersion and awareness to detail..

2fk2590d ago

sadly IMO this looks a lot like MW2 im disappointed

JimboG2590d ago

Gah! Less then 2 days!

HeavenlySnipes2590d ago

of bought Blops. Made me hate COD even more. I actually liked MW2, it had balancing issues but I could actually find myself wanting to play the game. I never had that feeling with Blops. Maybe its just that I don't like Treyarch MP games. I may get this down the road but its Skyrim for me.

Shackdaddy8362590d ago

Ya. I thought I hated MW2 but I learned that it's miles better than blops after playing it again.

OcelotRigz2590d ago

Indeed, MW2 feels great after playing Blops, definitely a much better game.

-Alpha2590d ago

I tried to like MW2 but I couldn't forgive the awful balance issues and I felt that they murdered the spirit of COD4

I'll tell you one thing though: I'm glad that they brought back Extreme Conditioning over Marathon. I hate how COD is all offense, everybody is just running without thinking.

I can already see the dominant run and gun class developing, but anyways, the new changes seem interesting.

Lord_Stark2590d ago

I don't think Modern Warfare 2 is the better game. Black Ops may be the most balanced Call of Duty to date but it's just boring. The maps, weapons, killstreaks, it's just not fun.

OcelotRigz2590d ago

I actually agree, you're spot on. Black Ops was perfectly balanced and was great...for a while, like you said, it just got boring, everyone i knew just stopped playing it. MW2 being more fun is what makes it a better game for me.

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Mister_V2590d ago

Gonna at least wait till I hit 45 in BF3 then try out some MW3.

OcelotRigz2590d ago

COD4 was perfect, it was more gunplay focused. Now i think they have ruined it (for me) with all these gimmicky killstreak awards. Ive played them all and started losing interest as each game passed. Was excited for this when Bowling was saying they were going back to what made COD4 so great, more focus on gun vs gun and less on killstreaks. Lying bastard, they went in the opposite direction from what i can see.
Dont get me wrong, im sure MW3 is gonna be a great game for guys looking for the fast-pace action it offers and its gonna sell loads as usual. Just not for me, Battlefield is more my cup of tea.
Anyway, Skyrim is out soon....

Hufandpuf2590d ago

agreed, COD 4 amazing. then they got stale. I might consider picking COD4 back up this week lol. If the price goes down.

Mister_V2590d ago

If they just got rid of 3X grenades and killstreaks that carry over death (like the chopper being able to build your killstreak in the next life), I think it would have been and still would be the perfect online FPS. I guess upgraded textures wouldn't hurt either.

Oschino19072590d ago

Gunplay will be much better and well above any previous cod from what I have seen. Killstreaks are still there but now so many counters to them and rewarding you for playing the objective. Also with elite it will be so easy to find groups to play with that play modes without killstreaks or custom/clan matches with only certain streaks aloud as they have insane amount of game customization options.

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