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MediaStinger: "Jack of all trades and master of none. It’s a saying that Naughty Dog clearly doesn’t believe in because they’re back and once again trying to do it all with the latest installment in the now iconic Uncharted series that seems to do just about everything right. Naughty Dog has some big shoes to fill after 2009′s Game of the Year, Uncharted 2, blew everyone away. With all eyes on them and shouldering tons of pressure, the team at Naughty Dog have made some pretty big changes to the franchise and have taken some risks that might not turn out to be worth the reward. So the real question isn’t whether Uncharted 3 is good, but whether it’s better than Drake’s last journey in Among Thieves."

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ImSoHeavy2753d ago

must... have... this... game...

Aither2753d ago

Just beat it and I must say this is the best game I have played since this generation of consoles has come out. This has surpassed Uncharted 2 single player by far. I don't know how Naughty Dog pulled off some of the stunts they did but whatever the case may be all I can say is WOW!

That isn't to say that the game is flawless, there are a few hickups and it didn't run completely smooth with a few jumps here and glitches there. But that does not detract from the epic experience of Uncharted 3. I am so glad I got the collectors addition as it was well worth the money. :)

AngryVGN2753d ago

This is my stone cold lock for game of the year of the century.

jspencep2753d ago

I completely agree. I can understand if a person doesn't like the TPS style, but this game raises just about every bar there is. It got me back into gaming right as I was starting to lose interest...

MovieVVhore2753d ago

can't wait to finally play it!

Convas2753d ago

It was indeed an incredible game. If you have a Playstation Triple, I cannot RECOMMEND this game highly enough. Completely awesome.

C4U2753d ago

Agreed. Better than Halo, Call of Duty and Gears of War! PS3 wins again!

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The story is too old to be commented.