GoozerNation: Tropico 4 Review

Mike Deneen from GoozerNation writes:

"The beauty of simulation and construction management games is that they allow you to play the role of a God-like entity, who, with a bird’s eye view, can build and rule over a city or an empire any way that you see fit. Games such as Civilzation, Alpha Centauri and SimCity allow the player to use their creativity in a way like no other game allows. Cities are constructed, the needs of citizens are attended to, empires rise, and sometimes there is even a bit of silliness.

However, these games never seem to be terribly specific. Sometimes, you may find yourself wandering aimlessly through a session, without having a clear cut goal to achieve. A game like Tropico 4, however, is a completely different story."

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kube002590d ago

I might have to pick this up.