Battlefield 3 Co-op Weapon Grinding “Getting Nerfed”

MP1st - "Battlefield 3 is all about the multiplayer; more specifically, the competitive multiplayer. It’s where most of the fun and addicting moments are had. It’s so fun and addicting, in fact, that it’s all too easy to forget about the two other modes BF3 offers: single player and co-op."

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lorianguy2753d ago

I've finished them all on hard and done a couple again, not to mention the retry's for the trophies.

And I have 3 guns left.

Criminal2753d ago

Wow. Still you have 3 left. I'm waiting for the patch personally.

ainsz2753d ago

I really love the chopper mission, me and my friend are having a blast on co-op, reminds me of the great times I had on mw2 spec ops.

lorianguy2753d ago

I like the chopper mission... I'm terrible at balancing a chopper though.

The thing making me tear my hair out is the "Bullseye" trophy/achievement. SO. FREAKIN. IMPOSSIBLE.

Hockeydud192753d ago

^^Same...I think I had about 6 people drop me because of that LOL! When I finally did it, I looked over at Demons Souls and felt accomplished hahaha.

JellyJelly2753d ago

It's pretty fun and good it's getting nerfed a little. I've only unlocked the Rex and the KH2002. The gun sucks but I use the assault rifle a lot in MP.

pumpactionpimp2753d ago

Co-op on pc is horrible. You can't even talk to your co-op partner. Rendering the entire game mode useless.

Mister_V2753d ago

Serious? And they still want you to play it to unlock those MP weapons!? Damn.

ainsz2753d ago

Could you not try skype?

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2753d ago

shouldnt have to at this point with game devs. we could talk while playing online with the ps2 almost 10 years ago there is no reason that this should be an issue anymore.

some of these developers have dropped back the quality and pride of work in favor of the copy/paste method and patching things in "IF" they can after they release the game which should work properly prior to release. its an issue across all gaming platforms and it needs to stop

Heartnet2753d ago

Skype takes up a terrible lot of bandwidth of internet so those with a lesser connection will feel it hard when playing Online..

TS or Vent would work alot better but then again their paid services if u want a server so....

U shud be able to talk in the game.. Unnaccetable if you cant

BlackKnight2753d ago (Edited 2753d ago )

Just to clear some things up. You can host your own vent or TS server. You only would pay for a server if you have SERIOUS need for a server that can hold 20+ people for some sort of clan and having multiple channels for multiple games. I downloaded the vent server and client and I just run the server others can join, easy peasy.

Also, battlelog has voip or you could use steam voice chat. If you are doing a pub coop on BF3, battlelog chat would be the best because you can add their name right into the window by alt tabbing and using battlelog.

Just wanted to clear some things up. Oh and I still think there should be BF3 VOIP, not just battlelog voip.

Gamer-Z2753d ago

I just unlocked the last coop gun yesterday took me 4 days and i have to say its not even worth it none of those guns are even that effective.

SITH2753d ago

You crazy and inaccurate. That G3A3 is a beast. A few shots to the head with that 7.62 and you are dead. Use it on single shot. Rapid fire it is hard to aim. And the 93r is the best hand gun I have used in the game. It has saved my tail numerous times. And finally the m39r is a excellent semi auto sniper rifle.

Eromu2753d ago

G3A3 is awesome, haven't used another Assault weapon since unlocking it. Don't care too much for the 93R but yeah the M39 is awesome as well.

chriski3332753d ago

i just want the damn SG553 thats all

Chnswdchldrn2753d ago

"It’s so fun and addicting..."

god why does everyone say addicting, its ADDICTIVE people get it right

Heartnet2753d ago

Addictive is past tense...

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