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Neocrisis: Uncharted 3 Review

Neocrisis: The most famous treasure hunter of the generation is back, bringing a new adventure, a new bounty to look for and the same dose of emotions which we loved in previous installments. Being almost a flawless gem, Uncharted 2 released for the PS3 some years ago, and that being said, how can Uncharted 3 prove its' worth?

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Community2786d ago
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jazzking20012786d ago
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Dante1122786d ago

Never heard of this site but decent read. Isn't on metacritic.

NukaCola2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

You know what...The meta has 62 Uncharted 3 reviews, Uncharted 2 has over 100. The last 15 reviews out have not posted at all and 10 were perfect scores and 5 where 90s-95s. Wonder why all these last score wont gather there. Seems like 40 sites who hold meta privilages havent posted yet.

Never said anything about a conspiracy and I am not digging, just saying. I know scores don't matter to true gamers.

2786d ago
SoapShoes2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

@Da_Vinci- So if they only accept sites that have a profile on their site why does anyone visit their site for critical reference? Metacritic is designed to be a compilation of reviews from most publications. They aren't doing a good job if they omit lots of them. It's like a site surveying gamers about what they think about a Wii but only surveying Wii owners and then saying everyone loves the Wii.

Nevermind that though, those reviews from U2 that aren't on U3 should be there. It's not like those publications just up and vanished.

Lovable2786d ago

Only fantards visits metacritic. And if anyone thinks that metacritic holds any kind of value then they're ignorant.

darthv722786d ago

perhaps there is some criteria that these sites have to do in order to have their scores accounted for.

If it was so easy for any score to count then there would be countless "reviewers" filling the review list like they do the user review side.

This day and age, anyone can setup a blog site and claim to be a reviewer. Then again, people will still only trust the big BIG name sites when it comes to reviews.

Gam3rSinceBiRTH2786d ago

Nuka, how about you stop taking notes on metacritic and just enjoy Uncharted 3. What you think? :)

2786d ago
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DonaldBeck2786d ago


uncharted 3 is 95/100 average on n4g. (takes every review) unlike metacritic whee they pick what to put on.

anyways this game is sick.

gamer2342786d ago

giving u3 8 is the new trend started by euro-gamers

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CynicalVision2786d ago

Implying that 8/10 is a bad score?

zero_gamer2786d ago

I've read one review with an 8/10 and it was positive, and the 8/10 on the site described "awesome."

8/10 means an excellent game. This generation of gaming reviewers are way more generous at giving perfect 10s to games making 8/10 looking like the new 6/10.

darthv722786d ago

we will see a whole new review process next gen. This gen practically ruined the value in these scores by awarding 9's and 10's so freely.

The standards reviews had to conform to years ago have gone out the window in favor of hits to their sites. If you cant get the hits with having giving the highest score possible then they will flip it around and score low to get just as much traffic.

Bathyj2786d ago

8 IS a bad score for this game. And 10 does not ever mean perfect. No game is perfect.

Its all about context.

8 is a good score for Harold and Kumar or Battle:LA but its not a good score for The Godfather or Schindlers List.

Sorry, but the goal posts have moved. These days, a 6 you probably wouldnt want to touch, unless you were a big fan of the subject matter, 7 is just ok, 8 is good.

Any game with such high production values, they pulls of nearly everything they've attempted and has no majar flaws, deserves at least a high 8 or low 9.

At I can tell you as an absolute fact, UC3 is better than just good.

rezzah2786d ago

your last point is not a fact, just a heads up.

Though many may like UC style there must be a few who might detest the genre or some part of UC; not for the sake of ignorance (fanboys), but just out of pure feeling. The same feeling people experience when they say they enjoy it, except in the opposing view, who's oppinion is based on their feeling, will dislike it.

So no matter the "facts" brought up to prove a game is good, the same facts can be used to say why the game isn't good.

Hicken2785d ago

But when you're speaking on the QUALITY of a game, from top to bottom, Uncharted is impossible to dislike.

I don't like sports games, for example, but NBA 2K11 (haven't played much of 2K12) is an amazing title. I wouldn't deduct points because I'm not fond of the genre.

It's been debated a lot recently, but a review should be as objective as possible. "If you like this sort of game, this is how THIS particular title fares. I, personally, didn't enjoy these aspects." That's how a review should be done, not "I don't like cinematic video games, so this game automatically starts behind the 8-ball. My review will make sure it stays there."

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RXL2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

it's a "good" score...a 9 would be a "great" score..and a 10 would be "perfect"..

Uncharted 3 is better than a "good"'s a great game.. almost perfect...

zero_gamer2786d ago

On one site that gave UC3 an 8, the score means awesome. On GameSpot 8 means great although they rated UC3 a 9. People were overreacting way too much over an 8/10.

MeatAbstract2786d ago

People really shouldn't look too deeply into review scores. Too much focus is going into what the numbers say rather then the words.

fragnificent2786d ago

everyone cant be wrong :D

kaveti66162786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Fanboy: An 8 for UC3 is wrong.

Me: Why do you think so?

Fanboy: UC3 is an amazing game. It deserves at least a 9.

Me: Isn't that your opinion versus the opinion of the reviewer?

Fanboy: The reviewer is wrong. UC3 is almost a perfect game. I'd give it a 10.

Me: Do you know how to distinguish the difference between a fact and an opinion?

Fanboy: Look at all the agrees I'm getting. Everyone except for the stupid 360 fanboys thinks UC3 is an amazing game and GOTY. UC3 deserves 10s and anyone who says otherwise is an ignorant fanboy. That's a fact.

Me: Where do you live?

Fanboy: Why do you want to know?

darthv722786d ago

this point: "Everyone except for the stupid 360 fanboys thinks UC3 is an amazing game and GOTY."

now i know you were just being humorous but truth be told that even 360 fans are saying this game is good. I think there are just as many ps3 fans that dont like the series that are calling it a fail like there were 360 fans that dont like halo 3 and called that a failure.

Point is, you can be a fan of your platform and not have to like every game out for it. Still, your example was funny.

kaveti66162786d ago

Do you think the morons who say these things have the cognizance to consider that fans of the 360 (I can't fathom how one can be a fan of the machine used to run the games, btw) can also like Uncharted?

Everything I've written in that dialogue comes from direct observations from this site, including the portion you think isn't believable.

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