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Nave360's Charlie writes:

"If you're one of those people who look at a score, maybe catch the first sentence and then leave the review, you might want to stick around, as just because the game got a 7 doesn't mean it's a bad game. In fact, Sonic Generations is a flawed, but great game.

This year, it's Sonic's 20th anniversary, so when we first saw him in 1991, he was just born (wait, he was fighting monsters as a baby?). And what better way for Team Sonic and Sega to celebrate than to create a game that combines some of Sonic's greatest adventures into one game. Thus Sonic Generations was born.

There is one thing I must mention, because it seriously matters. The PC version of the game is essentially just a port of the Xbox 360 version."

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Alos882541d ago

It's pretty depressing to think that 7 is considered a bad score.

gumgum992541d ago

indeed, Its the experience that should remain in deciding a purchase. I know we all have lives, and are busy and whatnot, but giving it a rental, at least, can really change your mind on some games you otherwise would not have given a second thought. a number and an opinion can only tell you so much.

Kran2541d ago

Indeed. I mean as I mentioned in the review (kinda) I still had fun playing it. I think if people read the reasons behind the score, they'd understand the game more and maybe give it a try.

But they don't.

They look at the score, go: "Oh. A 7. Typical. Another bad score" and then click off the review. There's more behind the 7.

krazykombatant2541d ago

I know 7 is a solid score but when, this has been the 2nd (first being sonic colors that was a pretty good game). Two good games in a row this is supposed to be a blast and they still treat sonic like this... *sigh* its still a great game and I don't plan on missing out.

BubloZX2540d ago

Game is really good I'd give it an 8.5/10 maybe a 9. Wish it had more online features. Also shadow as a playable would be nice