MediaKick Review: Batman: Arkham City

MediaKick writes: As a sequel to the best superhero game ever made, Arkham City had a lot to live up to. Its prequel a vessel of worldwide critical acclaim, Rocksteady clearly needed to up the ante for this game. So what did they do? For one, they took it outside of the asylum, into a cordoned off section of Gotham City used as a super prison for Gotham’s most powerful, dangerous and cunning criminals. They also created a new, much more vast story, encompassing a healthy contingent of villainous cohorts from the universe of the Dark Knight. Improvements in the combat system, new gadgets and the return of some of the best voice overs the gaming industry has ever seen certainly make it an enticing prospect, on the face of it at least. Arkham City is certainly good, without a doubt, but great? Read on to find out.

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