Epic 32 Man Base-Jump in Battlefield 3

This video shows a group of 32 bf3 players gathering to perform a huge base jump.

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Hufandpuf2757d ago

At 1:26 the guy exploded from awesomeness.

Lavitz20122757d ago

That was awesome but if i was on the other team i would have had my tank ready as soon as i see them mow them all down:D.

PRHB HYBRiiD2757d ago

This is too epic for me eyes :O

RememberReach2757d ago

I so want to try this'd be like a modern-day Operation Market Garden.

ExCest2756d ago

I had dreamed of this when i first saw this map.
Can't do it on Consoles tho (no one ever listens to anyone)
I could do it with my friends tho but thats only 4 people >.> (not that i only have 4 friends, its the squad limit.)

CaptCalvin2756d ago

Isn't much better on PC either. I wouldn't know if people would listen because I can't talk to them... unless they're all your friends.

ExCest2756d ago

i personally see more cooperation on the pc community than console

ive seen a whole team on tf2 get together to be a soldier cuz one guy said to
and they taunted at the same exact time

i personally havent tried to obtain cooperation from console players but, i dont want to (prolly gonna cuss me out or sumtin) ((I'm a consol player. Don't hate on me))

Urbz78702756d ago

This was epicness on another level!